I got bored of the previous long-ass intro, so here's a new one, simple and to the point...mostly.

Hello, I'm Olivia and currently residing in Romania; around the internet, I mostly go by Oli and Pande (from another username), but you can call me however you want. I choose to rant for hours about things like movies, manga or Photoshop and like to make internet jokes, because I'm hip. I also have a tendency to go on unannounced hiatus at random times; however, I'm still around since "hiatus" means "lurking" to me - I couldn't possibly leave TheO for good :P I still reply to PMs, read posts and view artwork, I just don't comment the day they're posted (sometimes it may take up to a month for me to catch up!) Don't take it personally; I have nothing against you, it's just a bad habit of mine that I can't get rid of ^^"

Doing ATM: living an uneventful life, reading yaoi, playing Sims 3

Likes: cats, yaoi (+ plot, ideally), drawing geometry-based designs, manga, Reddit, organizing everything, being alone in my cave home, HTML & CSS, the pizza my best friend makes
Dislikes: not doing something, whiners, eggplants, starting projects and dropping them *does it all the time*, morons, communicating for the sake of appearances
Movies: The Prestige, The Wall, Hot Fuzz, The Descent - I'm a movie buff, so I like a lot
Music: anything that sounds good; almost everything, but metal in particular (HIM, Rob Zombie, Dimmu Borgir), Pink Floyd, E Nomine etc.
TV: Game of Thrones (up to date), Pretty Little Liars (up to date), Twin Peaks (starting out)
Artists/Mangaka: Benjamin, Bohra Naono, Green Glass, Kai Asou, Midori Foo, Miwa Shirow, Nitro+, Saika Kunieda, Shin Mizukami, Yoshiki Nakamura, Yuki Yoshihara, Yugi Yamada etc.
Reviewers: The Cinema Snob, Linkara, Todd, Rap Critic

Soul-crushing wallpaper challenge! (5/20 done)

50 Manga Series Challenge (2013 edition) (2/50 read)

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My history with the Doom games

Oh hey there's a Doom category. A long time ago, one of the Doom games (didn't know which then, now I do: Doom 2) made me cry tears of blood because I was too dumb to configure the keys and jump, and I needed to jump to progress in a certai...

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They grow up so FAST!

No really, pets seem to grow at an insanely fast pace. Just now I was looking at the pics in my previous turtle post and comparing them to the way she is now, and holy crap: she's as big as my palm! And has bigger claws too, so cleaning time is an adventure, to say the least. We're going to buy her a proper aquarium in a few months. The cutest thing she does is grab dried up shrimp from my fingers. When I hold on to it, she puts her paws (?) on my fingers and pulls the shrimp out <3

External Image

Apologies for the shitty pic, my camera has decided it hates me and randomly shuts down. I haven't gotten a new one yet (not a priority TBH). Anyway, she's pretty big compared to this and, if she lives to a year, she'll probably live around 30 years more. I keep telling my mom "that thing will die when I retire", yup.

/old lady gushing over turtle

Uh, in other news, I've been playing Duke Nukem and Doom 2 lately. Let's just say I love Duke's potty mouth - personal favorite: "Your face, your ass, what's the difference?" -, and Doom 2 isn't that bad either.
Now excuse me while I go pick up all the crap my cat knocked down while playing with the dog.

You guys! <3

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I was overwhelmed, didn't expect to get so many messages XD I know I have some gifts to send out too, and believe me, I haven't forgotten about them~

Um, what've I been up to... Well, this week I'll be taking 3 exams, so most of my time will go into studying, though I hope it won't be too taxing. I can't wait for everything to be over! It kinda sucks when your birthday is so close to finals week, no one can go out on the town, lol. So I have to postpone it until after.

Yesterday wasn't overly exciting, just doing the usual stuff (my mom was extra nice to me, though!). My parents got me my first present in a few years, which was a pair of headphones - the ones I'd received from my best friend a few years ago "conveniently" broke yesterday and I couldn't fix them ^^" The new ones are a bit bigger and it feels like I'm wearing two bowls on my ears, lol.

I guess I'll end it here then. Thank you very much again for the wishes, guys. They truly mean a lot to me :')

Quick (somewhat panicky) post

My mom got a turtle :I Impulse buy. I'm slowly learning how to look after it.

External Image
Exploring the bowl she came in
Most artsy shot yet
The lame little bowl she came in (arranged a bigger, deeper one)
View from above
Can't tell if feisty or curious
She loves to climb on my stuff
She also loves to trek across my keyboard

The little bugger is so photogenic <3 I think it's a girl - either way, I'm naming it Kiri (the name just popped into my head randomly). It does seem to have suicidal tendencies though, as it keeps wanting to catapult off my table (1 meter height). A smart animal, she is not. But I love her anyway <3

Aside from this, the most notable thing that's happened is that I helped organize a tagging contest on MT and I'm now tagging the Japanese hair met- I mean visual kei gallery.
Oh, and I've changed my icon to be more in tune with the holidays.

I dropped off the face of the earth.

And I wish I could say I've come back, but that'd probably be, uh, not true.

It's annoying when it seems like every other post I make in this world is about going in a hiatus/feeling tired etc. However, I still felt the need to post this after going a while and not feeling like "officially" coming back to TheO. I'm sure I'm mostly driven by nostalgia when saying what a great place TheO is, and I'd be lying if I said I haven't met any great people here recently (I did, and I'm sorry I abandoned you out of the blue), but I've lost interest in TheO for the time being. Which should come as no surprise, as I haven't posted in ages.

So yes, I'm considering leaving TheO for good - as an actively participating member, that is. Nothing I'm doing ATM is interesting enough to be talked about and I'm bored of making graphics. I don't feel there's a point to posting on TheO about my personal life since not many know me enough to care (and that's perfectly natural) and graphics-wise, I'm not sure how much attention my stuff is getting; I don't crave 50 comments per post, but I sometimes wonder if what I'm doing is even noticed when I go 10 posts without any sort of feedback. I'm not blaming anyone for this, hell, even I like to download stuff without saying "thanks" most of the time; it's just the way things are.

That's about it, I guess. I'll still come back once in a while to check out how things are, maybe chat with someone for a bit and maybe even submit something, if I get my graphics mojo back. But at this point, I can't promise anything. You'll still find me on MT, at war with tags as usual lol XD Hope everyone is doing fine here and, well, if you're not, things can only get better, eh?