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Dreams is that wonderful feeling when you know you're doing something right.
It's when the harshness of reality begins to quiet and your heart sings.
It's that look when you see yourself in the mirror and smile, knowing who you really are.
Dreams is the one thing that drives me, soothes me and keeps me alive.
It's the world I live in, the world of dreams... This wonderful, wonderful world.
This fulfilling world...
This world that is in my heart and thankful soul.

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The rest of the stuff I got

As mentioned on the last post I'm throwing the pictures that didn't show on this world post.

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The back of it!

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My rave form SO EPIC

Thanks for viewing again! XD

Inochicon wrap up

The following post is really long you can skip down to the pictures of the stuff I got or whatever. XD

So it’s been about 2 days since inochicon ended. I think I explained in the last post that it’s the very first inochicon and it’s was philly my hometown!

I had a blast! More then I thought I would in fact, especially since I had a few snags in the road (stares down at Brandon). XD

The first day was interesting because this band called the “Leekstreet Boys” was playing. Their music was sucky I’ll admit. Its pretty much a very lame opening theme to an anime in English with otaku references through out the lyrics. But the one thing that completely caught my attention was the guitarist! He was super freak’n HOT. He was very lean, had brown long hair with blond streaks in it, and had a face of a bishie. I was soooo there when I saw him. I even took some good pictures and video. It gets even better later in the story. ;D

Oh I forgot to mention that when I first arrived at the con I was waiting in line for an hour for the first event (leekstreet boys band). I was super happy too but I was getting tired near the end of the wait.

So I left the con early on Friday night because my friend Brandon was going to come with me on Saturday. My dad paid for his ticket so he could come and I was uber thankful. So the plan was he was going to come down to my house Friday night so we can leave early for the con on Saturday morning. So I left for home and waited… and waited… and waited. He was supposed to come around 8-9:PM but when I was at the computer at 11:00PM he informed me that his alarm was stupid and didn’t go off. So we changed plans and decided he was going to come down to my house in the morning. The next morning around 11:00AM he informed me again that his laptop alarm is stupider and didn’t go off. He told me to just go to the con without him since he didn’t want me to wait for him anymore. I’m a stubborn ass and don’t like leaving my friends behide so I had to convince him that I didn’t give that I would have to wait for him. Plus we had all day for the con. >:T He FINALLY decided to get off his ass to get to my house and three hours later he was at my house (with tons of bumps in the road of course because our bus system blows huge chucks of ass)

So finally we get there and we head to the dealers room and it was like heaven on earth. There were tons of people cosplaying, tons of anime stuff to buy, and just that overall geeky weirdness I’ve longed for months. On Saturday I brought TONS OF BUTTONS. Including Pro yaoi ones (yay much?). I also got some necklaces and anime cell phone charms including a kuroshitsuji one that lights up (I jezzed my pants when I found out it did that). I also got dressed up as a heartless gijinka. I even applied makeup on for the first time (since highschool prom). I did it all by myself too since my sister taught me that morning. I had a lot of compliments on the pants I was wearing. It was so fun!

And good lord there was a manga store there with TONS OF MANGA THAT I WANTED TO BUY. They even had all the descendents of darkness and shugo chara manga. I so wanted to buy them all but I didn’t want to use up most of my money on it (wheeps) so I just got the next volume for DD. They also had the Free collars manga that I wanted for years and years. After I saw it maybe twice, three times I never saw it again and had to download it for the internet. They only had 2 of the 3 volumes (mega fail) so I just go the 2 books.

So I went around the dealers room a few times and brought stuff (mostly buttons) and then went to the gamer room. It was super small but so awesome. They had rock band, DDR, a video game vendor, and BLAZE BLUE 2 FOR THE X-BOX 360. When I saw it I knew I had to go and make stuff happen because I have my head up my ass like that when it comes to fighting games that I’m good at. I never played on the 360 but the buttons where just like the ps3 so I got a good handle on what I was doing really quickly. I was kicking this poor guy’s ass so hard over and over. Even my friend Brandon tried to play against me and failed. XD.

Then I challenged Brandon to a game of DDR since he talks so much trash when it comes to that game. I haven’t played it much so I wasn’t that good so yeah I rage quit after 3 seconds and Brandon did okay but not like how he was talking. Of course he had an excuse that he didn’t have THAT DDR game so he didn’t know some of the songs.

So we spent some time there till the rave was about to start. I went and changed into my raving clothes because I’m a closeted raver after all. I brought like 20 bucks worth of glow sticks and threw them on all around my body and pants. It was funny because at the very beginning there wasn’t a lot of people dancing and they HAD TO PLAY NON RAVING VOCALNOID AND PARODY MUSIC. >:T Even I was just standing there looking around waiting for them to throw something on I can dance to on. Plus the fact the lights was still on for 15 minutes helped that rave-tastic mood. :D FINALLY one of the staff turned the lights off and I pretty much danced the night away. It kinda sucked that before an hour passed there was like less then 15 people in the room. XD but it was still fun. People were asking me for glow sticks and some random guy even came up to me, paid me 5 bucks for 2 of my glow sticks. FREAK’N AWESOME.

Yet it gets SOOOO MUCH BETTER. That hot guitarist guy? WELL HE SHOWED UP LIT UP TWO GLOW STICKS AND STARTED LIQUID DANCING. I was close to him to so I was fan-gasing all over the place. Then he was showing one of the con staffs how to do it and it was funny as hell. I was even showing my friend Brandon how to make pancakes and cereal while raving. XD Then my friend Brandon taped me dancing. >:| so embarrassing even though you can only see a bit of my figure and glow sticks. The hot guitarist was even in the video but again you can only see glow sticks. XD

After the rave ended must have been the best part of the day. The hot guitarist guy was taking pictures and talking so some couple and I told my friend Brandon to take some pictures of him. He was on the floor writing something down and Brandon took a picture of him. Then I said “do it again” twice, I FELT SO NAUGHTY FFFFFF. Then after the couple left I asked for a picture (okay okay Brandon yelled out at him since I was so shy). The hot guitarist guy was so funny and very open yelling back. XD We talked a bit, took some pictures, and HUGGED LIKE 3 TIMES. He was sweaty, and it was nice. I WAS LIKE SO READY TO EXPLODE INTO RAINBOWS AND SPARKLES. He was so lean with muscles too, SO WANT.

Then when we were going are separate ways I was telling Brandon that “I hugged a hot and sweaty guy” and randomly Hot guitarist dude pops around the corner (he didn’t hear me though thank god FFF). He was also wearing the hottest military style jacket with puffy pants and boots. He had eye liner on the whole time as well. The band, con staff, me, and Brandon ended up going in the same elevator. The elevator was acting stupid and wouldn’t start so we packed into the next one. But I have to say if we did get stuck I would have been fairly happy. XD

The coolest part was that they were going to Wawa’s (convenient store) and I was starving because I didn’t eating barely anything all day so I walked with them there! I had a blue glow stick in my hand and the hot guitarist asked if it was his. We talked a slight bit about the glow stick and he ran up back to his band. XD

Then the rest of the story goes that I brought foods and treated Brandon to food. While we were at the first bus stop the con staff guy gave us FREE TICKETS FOR SUNDAY. Then when we went to the right bus stop and some older guy the flirting with me and failed to get my number. XD

I know this is a super long post and 90% probably didn’t read all of it (understandable) but I’m going through Sunday quickly then I’ll get to the pictures! On Sunday we pretty much stalked the dealers room again (got a few things) them went to the gamer’s room for the rest of the day. Then went to wawa’s and got food. XD I wish I could of seen the hot sweaty guy again on Sunday but I wasn’t thinking about the band at all.


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Heres me in my cosplay outfit

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Here’s me with hot guitarist.

More pictures of him YUM

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That’s my friend Brandon with the band. This is like my favorite picture ever. XD

And here’s the stuff I got:

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Necklaces for the win

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Cell phone charms yay!

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Shugo chara change bag! X3

*edit* The rest of the pictures won't show so I'm going to make a new world post for those!

That's it for now I might throw up some other cosplayers that I saw, we'll see. Thanks for reading and viewing!