Silent Rejection

Rejection... Well, I'm getting used to it. At first, it's really hard to accept, but in the long run, your system will get immuned to it. Agreed or not?

I am a job-hunter. I graduated last March 2010 with a degree in Industrial Psychology (branch of psychology applied in industrial setting & commonly work for Human Resources). And I graduated with severe chicken pox scars, very fresh and dark and oh-so-disgusting! As if polka dots covered my whole face and body.>_<bitter eh..

Supposedly, I should look for a job before or weeks after graduation. But my plan has changed when I got chicken pox. It took months before I started a job-hunting. I tried on June w/ still visible scars but I felt a 'silent discrimination'.. Well, I know physical appearance plays an important role too. I understand their reaction towards me. If I'm in their position, I might do the same.

I ran out of money & I couldn't apply anymore. Months are passing, & then I realized, the chance to get a job and to be hired is getting low. It was October when I started again. 90% of my scars are already faded.

I went to a lot of company applying for HR Staff, Admin Staff, Office Staff, even Encoder and the positions related to these or to my course. I thought it'd be easy. I thought they'll prioritize a fresh grad like me. But I was really really wrong. They want applicants w/ experience already. Though they entertained me, they'll still choose the experienced one, w/ a working experience related to the vacant position. How 'bout me? I'm just a fresh grad w/o a working experience yet. How would I compete then? I can't help it but I'm getting paranoid, negative w/ all things, & blaming everything everyone.

But I'd never stop. I continued & submitted my resumes when there is hiring. but I admit that the hardest and painful part is; after waking up very early, taking a bath at 4am, eating leftover food as my breakfast, spending money, commuting & finding the place, went through an exam & initial interview.. they'll tell you afterward: "we'll call you"
After days and weeks of waiting, they never called. It only means, I'm rejected.

I wept a lot of times. but this is life eh! Rejection is a part of job-hunting, they say. Rejection is just a part of life.. I know.

It might be a shame that this is happening to me, but maybe, those are not really meant for me. Huh! At least I've experienced to become a job-hunter. And I'm a college grad so there's still a lot of opportunity for me. ^o^

Honestly, now I'm craving for more rejections..Hahaha! Well, to get myself more immuned, more mature & prepared for the future.. & to cry no more. Ooopps, I've to deal w/ criticisms too!External Image

It doesn't mean you're a college graduate, you'll get a job automatically. Having a Bachelor's degree only gives you the right or chance to get a more desirable job or position.