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Chapter 14 ~|You_Again|~

Alfie sat on his bed, numerous thoughts whizzing around his head. She knows now.. Oh well, I guess it saves me from telling her... And then. What if she doesn't like me? What will I do then?

The dorm door silently creaked open on it's well greased hinges. Alfie didn't notice, he was lost in thought. Although he did notice when a black figure dived down from the ceiling and landed in front of his bed. His instincts raced ahead of his mind and he raised his hand to protect his face, just in time to save his nose from being completely crushed. A fist slammed into his hand snapping some of his bones pushing it back so it made painful contact with his nose.

The instant pain jerked Alfie's mind back into reality. Green sparks danced across his skin, healing his crushed bones. He squinted into the darkness, wishing he had better night vision. The black figure was no longer there. Alfie rose off his bed, drawing his sword in the process. Walking into the middle of the dorm, he prepared himself for another attack.

His back tingled and he whipped around and saw two blood red eyes gleaming in the dark. Before he could even blink, he was tossed into the air and pummelled by what felt like a million blunt rocks. He fell down onto the floor, winded. He lay there panting while the green sparks slid across his body repairing any damage. Groaning, he forced his body into a standing position, wondering why his mysterious assaulter hadn't attacked him while he had laid on the floor.

"Because I want to make you suffer for a long time. I'll slowly kill you. As revenge for what you did to me."

Alfie knew that voice and he loathed it. Swearing, he moved his body into an attacking stance as he readied himself. He heard a noise in front of him and lashed out with his sword, making contact only with the air. Then a fist crunched into the back of his skull, making him sink to his knees, stars dancing around his head. The dorm flickered before his eyes and malicious laughter echoed around the room.

Meanwhile, in the dark depths of the corridors, Renee was having some problems of her own.

"Not you again!" She gasped, eyeing the figure in front of her with obvious distaste. She took some steps back, knowing that the person she was facing was undoubtedly dangerous. The figure smiled in a friendly manner and advanced meaningfully towards her.

"We did say we would come back for you."

"Where's your brother then? Ken or Akako, whichever twin you are." Renee still moved slowly away.

"He's just visiting Alfie. And I'm Akako."

Visiting Alfie! I think I know what that means. I'd better go and help him! Renee turned around and charged down the corridor at full speed, but she didn't get far. She fell to the ground landing on her stomach, Akako's bandages entwined around her legs. They dragged her sluggishly him. Renee's hands scrabbled frantically around trying to find anything to hold on. She really did not want to confront Akako and her body ached from her fall. Options to save herself flashed though her mind. How do you kill a vamp again? It was a wooden stake through the heart wasn't it? So if i try to make a wooden stake..?

Cupping her hands she focused hard on the image of a wooden stake. The light in her Elemental Disk began strongly pulsing green, shining bright through her pocket. Small green balls of energy flared around her hands, forming a vague shape of a wedge. Akako noticed what Renee was doing and violently yanked her sharply towards him. Sliding his arm around her waist, her pulled her up to face him, breaking her concentration, causing the balls of energy to fade and the vague image to become one of the past.

"You're very powerful, Renee. More powerful than me. But you need training; a trained Elemental Master can form items in seconds. Why don't you come to the Freak Academy? We can train you better there than here." Akako stared deep into Renee's eyes, his voice soothing and suggesting.

Renee stared back, getting herself lost in Akako's maroon eyes. That doesn't sound too bad... Renee reasoned dreamily in her mind. Wait.. No! That is a terrible idea! Akako's trying to hypnotise me... he's trying to make me forget something...

"C'mon, Renee. You know it's a good idea."

That's it! He's trying to make me forget Alfie! Renee shook her head fiercely, trying to dislodge the fog in her mind. "N.O means no Akako. I'd never go to the Freak Academy!" Her voice dripped with so much vemon, that it could turn fresh milk sour.

Akako , who had also been eavesdropping on Renee's thoughts, pouted managing to look irritably cute and sexy at the same time. He then sighed and his expression turned into a disappointed one.

"I hoped you would come quietly." He said, tilting his head to one side, looking endearingly at Renee. Then he paused, thinking and his face split into a devilish smile. "Then again, I didn't."

Akako had a mischievous look in his eyes and Renee didn't like that at all. She tried to prise herself from his iron grasp around her waist. Akako just pulled her closer to his body.

"There's no point trying to escape Renee. I'm faster than you."

Renee tried to land a punch on Akako, even though she knew it wouldn't make contact. Akako blocked with his palm and before Renee knew it, she found her self pinned to the wall, her face level with his. Renee struggled, but Akako's bandages had a strong grip around her waist and arms. Akako smiled evily, sending shivers down Renee's spine. She could almost imagine him in a cartoon playing the villain.

Renee tried not to flinch as Akako reached out his hand to stroke hercheek. His touch wasn't cold, but actually quite warm. Renee turned her head away from him, refusing to look at him and seething with hatred.

"Stay away from me!" She hissed. Akako looked amused.

"I'm going to enjoy this." He snickered. He leant forwards and Renee got a whiff of his scent.

"You were the one who attacked Miss Kamon!"

"No. That was Ken. He's more bloodthirsty than me. Anyway, back to business." Akako smiled showing Renee perfect, white teeth, the kind that you expect to see on a movie star. Although you wouldn't expect to see the pointed canines of a carnivore in Akako's mouth. He continued leaning forwards, his mouth parted. He's going to bite me! Thought Renee, glancing down at her neck. Akako paused and raised an eyebrow at Renee.

"No, no. That comes later. No, what I'm going to do is different. My brother and me call it the "The Vampire's Kiss." He smiled at Renee, licking his lips. Renee pressed her's tightly together, Akako looked sexy, but despite that she didn't want to have her first kiss stealed by him.

Akako advanced forwards, smiling menacingly.

Chapter 13 ~|Half_Murder|~

Renee joined the rest of the class, giggling with childish delight at her success, the unfortunate fish still in her grasp. She noticed Miss Kamon beckoning her to come over. Renee drifted towards her, tightening her grip on her prize.

"Well done Renee! You're the first in this class to do this manoeuvre perfectly! Although I did expect you to do well, considering you're from the other world." Miss Kamon glanced down and saw the fish in Renee's clutches. "You could have that fish for lunch, it's a rainbow fish, hence the colours on it's body. They're quite rare as well and they're supposed to taste quite sweet."

"Thanks, Miss!" Renee grinned and glided back to join her classmates. Mizuki gazed coolly at Renee. Renee gazed back.

"I have to say, that was pretty awesome, Renee, but don't get a swelled head, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Responded Renee, as a loud bell began ringing, indicating that it was lunchtime.

"Okay, class dismissed everyone!" Miss Kamon declared in a loud voice and everyone rushed over to the ledge as fast as they could, knocking into each other as they went. Renee was the last to get to the ledge. Opening the door to the school castle, Renee trotted inside and quickly found her way to the Food Hall.

A few minutes later she was seated at a table with her dorm mates, cheerily tucking into a steaming rainbow fish. She felt someone looking at her and glanced up in time to see Alfie look hastily away, his face turning red. Why do i get the feeling I like her? At having heard that, Renee blinked and looked hard at Alfie.

"Did you say something Alfie?"

She heard me!? Renee looked at Alfie, who looked back squirming uncomfortably on his chair. She knows! Oh my god she knows! Alfie suddenly got up, his chair skidding backwards.

"Uh, I got to go guys!" Alfie turned and charged out of the Food Hall, his face bright pink. Yuki jumped up and went after him. Renee's face went blank as her brain processed what she had just heard. I can hear thoughts! And then. Omigosh Alfie likes me!!! And... I think I like him to! Renee began to blush and she felt warm and fuzzy inside. She chuckled and then noticed that everyone was staring at her.

"Hey Renee, your face is bright red." Maori stated, a concerned look on her face.

"Yeah," joined in Mizuki, "Thinking about someone?"

"No!" Spluttered Renee. Maori and Mizuki shared knowing glances.

"Oh yeah, Mr Nekozawa told me to give you this." Said Maori, changing the subject, having seen that it made Renee uncomfortable. She passed Renee a thin transparent disc, about three millimetres thick with a diameter of five centimetres. In the very centre of the disc, a small diamond dominated the area, gently pulsing different colours. Renee cupped it in her hands and carefully examined it.

"What is it?" She questioned, gingerly poking the disc.

"Well," started Maori, "Mr Nekozawa said it was your Elemental Disk. Every Elemental Master has one. Apparently you dropped it from when you visited his office."

"Oh... Where should I put it?"

"Anywhere you want."

After a few minutes of thinking, Renee adjusted her clothes once move, so that a breast pocket, with a zip, was patched on over her heart. She slipped in her stone and zipped up the pocket.

"Is here okay?"


A few minutes later, Renee and her friends were strolling down the corridor, when a volley of shouting interrupted their chatter. Mizuki's nose twitched and a look of hunger flickered across her face.

"I can smell blood."

Renee could smell it as well, the metallic scent drifting around unwanted. A few steps later, the group came across a crowd of onlookers. Renee tapped the shoulder of one boy, who turned around to face her.

"What's going on?" She asked, trying to see past him.

"Miss Kamon's been almost killed. Her throat's been ripped out and she's been half drained of blood. Obviously the work of a vampire. "

Renee frowned and forced her way to the inside of the circle. The sight that met her was like a scene from a blood-filled nightmare. Miss Kamon was lying sprawled on the ground in a pool of scarlet liquid, her simple white robe stained crimson. She appeared to be dead, but the slow rising and falling of her chest was evidence that she was still alive. Barely.

Apart from the over-powering scent of blood, she could smell something else. It smelt familiar, but she just couldn't put her finger on it.

"What is going on here!??" Demanded a rather loud voice. Everyone turned around to see a male teacher striding towards them. People moved to clear a gap in the circle and the teacher marched in glaring at everyone who was unlucky enough to make eye contact with him. When he saw Miss Kamon, his face turned a deathly shade of white.

"You!" He barked, pointing at Renee. "Go and get Mrs Obuchi the Reviver!"

"Uh, sure." Replied Renee turning around and scampering away. Hmm... Where could Mrs Obuchi be? Maybe she has a room somewhere... Renee rushed though some random corridors, when it came to her attention that the passageway she was standing in was rather dark. She found it very menacing and proceeded with caution.

She treaded along the floor carefully, with her head down, when she bumped into someone. She looked up and started apologising.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Then her night vision kicked in and she saw who had blocked her way.

Chapter 12 ~|Class|~

Students were beginning to filter from the food hall and returning to their dorms, enthusiastic chatter filling the air. Renee and the others were walking to their dorm, passing pupil filled corridors.

They entered the dorm and everyone leapt into action, cleaning and making beds, or going to take a shower. Maori sat on her bed, her cheeks still a little flushed from her argument with Mizuki.

"Hey, Renee. " Said Maori. Renee looked up from what she was doing, which was trying to find her lip-gloss in her feather bed. The stuff that had been in her original clothing had passed onto her current garments and now she had lost half of her items. Her efforts were in vain, she would probably never find them in the vast sea of feathers.


"Are those clothes supposed to look like pajamas? Cos they don't really look like they are..." Renee still hadn't changed her clothes.

"Oh... should I just change them?"

"If you want to. But make sure you still look cute!" Maori swept Renee up into another bear hug, but let go hastily, just in case she really did strangle her. Renee coughed.

"I'll try and change them now." Renee closed her eyes and pictured how she wanted her clothes to look like. The sleeves of her top slowly began to detach and move down past her wrists and her hands. The material shortened and a hole appeared in the sleeves near her thumb. She stuck her thumb through and gave it a little wiggle. The material continued changing until it had turned into fingerless gloves.

"Keep it like that! Just change your socks to tights and maybe turn your one piece white.


A few minutes later, Renee had finished adjusting her clothes. A look of puzzlement crossed her face as she noticed some side-pockets had emerged on her garment. I don't remember wanting pockets on there... Oh well. A voice interrupted her musing.

"You gonna come to Flying Class with me? Renee?" It was Mizuki, who had suddenly sprouted wings. Large, pink bat wings. She flapped her them with impatience and irritation.


"Well you have wings don't you? So you have to learn how to use properly. So c'mon!" Mizuki grabbed Renee by her wrist and dragged her unceremoniously of her feet and out the door.

Renee let herself be guided through countless corridors, until Mizuki came to a large wooden door. There, she let go of Renee's wrist and fumbled with the doorknob. The door swung open, bathing both of them in sunlight. Mizuki strode out, Renee following testing the air with her nose. The sharp green tang of grass drifted though the air, mixed with the musty smell of dew.

Renee swept her eyes around. Students were clustered in groups, talking to each other. Renee walked forwards and noticed that the class was situated on a ledge that jutted out over a valley. Renee pricked her ears and heard a swishing sound and saw a lady flying in. She wore a simple robe and had large angel wings, which she tucked in close to her body.

"Good morning class. " She said. Everyone fell silent and turned to face the teacher.

Some students muttered a "Good morning Teach," or a "Hey Miss." The Teacher inspected the students, when her eyes came to rest on Renee.


"Yeah- I mean yes?" Renee responded, well aware that everyone was now staring at her. Renee caught Mizuki's eyes. Mizuki yawned and ran over to the edge of the ledge and jumped over, a multitude of people trailing after her. The Teacher ignored them.

" So you're the new girl... I just want to say, don't worry if you can't keep up with my lessons. Although you should pick it up quickly as you go along. I heard you were from the other world. Is that right?"

"Yeah. Sure."

"Okay then." The Teacher turned and launched herself into the air. The rest of the class did the same. Renee walked over to the lip of the ledge and peered down. A river snaked it's way along the valley and a number of trees clung to the valley walls. It was a long way to fall, if she slipped. Luckily, Renee wasn't afraid of heights, otherwise it would cause some difficulties flying.

"You coming out, Renee?" It was Mizuki, who was hovering in front of Renee her arms crossed in impatience. "Scared? No need. Your wings will move on instinct."

Renee hesitated, and then flung herself of the ledge, she fell a few metres before her wings snapped out and glided slowly over to where the rest of the class were, which was in the middle of the valley. Mizuki was already there.

"Alright class! Don't laugh, but today we're going fishing." Some of the students sniggered. "It's not funny, we're going to put together what we've learnt in the pass couple of weeks. How to enter a backwards dive, stabilise yourself so you can move easily and braking before impact. This is a useful manoeuvre, because if you are in battle, it can be used as a quick escape or a very lethal form of attack, if executed properly."

Renee fidgeted about uncomfortably, feeling the anxiety bubbling up inside her. That sounds dangerous... what if someone hurts themselves... like me, for instance. "Hey, Teacher, isn't this a bit dangerous?"

"Renee, do you really think I would send my students off to do something that is potentially life threatening without any ways of saving them if they came close to death?"

"I guess not."

"Of course, I can freeze time, so there's no need to worry. Oh, and you may call me Miss Kamon." She smiled reassuringly. "Now class, get into a line! Chop chop!"

The class slowly formed a ragged line with Miss Kamon to the side of it. Renee positioned herself near the end, so she could see how other students performed the task. There were a few accidents where some students performed the manoeuvre wrong. One boy entered the backwards dive perfectly, but didn't stabilise himself correctly and started corkscrewing to the left. He nearly crashed, but Miss Kamon's time-freezing ability saved him. Renee didn't see it happen, but one second the boy was hurtling towards the ground facing certain death and the next second Miss Kamon was still at the side of the line, breathing heavily, her face tinged pink and the boy was flying slowly upwards, a bemused expression on his face.

Soon, it was Renee's turned. She flew out into the open space informant of her, her heart beating hard in her chest. She swallowed and bottled up her fear. Hovering, she looked down with her enhanced eyesight she swiftly located a fish. Ignoring the butterfly's fluttering about in her stomach, she drifted forwards before twisting onto her back. Renee hung in the air before tipping down headfirst. She waited until her body was almost vertical, then hastily tucking in her wings. She began accelerating towards the ground, her spine tingling in the irritating way when you fell. Curving her back towards her feet, so that her spine made a slight U shape, Renee stabilised herself, carefully angling her body so she would be able to brake easily as soon as she came close to the river. The wind whipped her face and her eyes stung and she blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear her vision. The river was rushing up fast. Renee shifted her hand so she would be able to grab the fish. The river was inches away from Renee's body and she shot out her hands and tightly clasped her hands around the unfortunate fish. Her wings knifed out at an impossible speed and Renee arched her back upwards so that she instantly zoomed back up into the sky.

Chapter 11 ~|Meanwhile|~

Somewhere in the Freak Academy, two brothers were seated at a table, each sipping delicately from a glass, which contained something that looked suspiciously like blood.

"Should we go and retrieve Renee?" Asked one, putting his glass down on the table. The bandages around his right wrist coiled and uncoiled around his arm impatiently. The bandages on his other wrist hung limp and immobile.

"Yes," replied his twin, "We have a reputation to keep up and we need to seek revenge on Alfie for what he did to you." He looked at his twin's injury and placed his glass down on the table.

"Let's go then, Akako. We can't waste any time." Said Ken getting up and walking to the large wooden door, eager to get going. He placed his hand on the doorknob.

"Front entrance." He said in a loud commanding voice. The door creaked open. He stepped out followed by Akako and waited. They heard a low growling and without any warning two hideous creatures, looking like mutated lions, leapt out at them. The twins sidestepped.

The ways of getting through the Freak Academy were a lot different than those of the Nekozawa Academy. For a start, to get through the Freak academy, it would involve a lot of bloodshed, but you would definitely get to your destination. In the Nekozawa Academy, it required no fighting or killing, but you sometimes didn't end up where you wanted.

Akako killed his attacker easily. His bandages suddenly became more animated at the prospect of killing and the ones on his left wrist wrapped themselves around the creature’s neck. And slowly strangled it like a python does to it's prey. His right bandages curled around the creature’s body to hold it still. Soon it was dead and Akako's bandages withdrew from the corpse. It disappeared.

Shadow creatures or beasts were only masses of dark energy, which could change shape and form. When they were killed, the energy was snuffed out of existence. But sometimes, on a rare occasion, the mass of energy would inhabit a body and use it as a puppet. There, the shadow beast would be safe from harm, but when it's victim was killed, it would either take form or try to escape.

Ken, only having one of his snake-like bandages working, decided to attack his assailant differently. Moving quicker than the naked eye can see, he stabbed his index and middle fingers into the creatures throat, stopping it in mid-leap. It fell back with a gurgle as it's own blood began to flood it's lungs. It went through a death spasm before freezing forever, then disappeared with a hiss of gas.

A door forced it's way into existence into the wall. It opened and the twins were buffeted by a strong gust of wind. They had reached the entrance hall.

They stalked their way into the hall, ready to attack. Several corpses and half rotten skeletons littered the floor. A sour smell mingled with the air. This hall was very different from the other parts of the academy. For a start, this hall had been left to fall into ruin, unlike the other parts, which were well kept and grand. It had been left to fall into ruin because shadow beasts or creatures were at their strongest there. When you entered, you would have to kill or be killed. Weaklings in the Freak Academy would soon perish.

In the shadows, a dark shape shifted around. The twins heard the thump of a tail and the click of claws on the stone floor. A large dragon shadow beast with a serpentine body about 5 metres long, paced out into a stray beam of sunlight. It's body was scaly and a muddy-green colour, speckled with the occasional flecks of black. Deadly spikes and spines jutted out of the creature's back and tail. It's claws were curved and taped to a needle-sharp point. The dragon's canines protruded from its mouth and it's giant muscles rippled as it sat down and lazily swished it's tail.

It leered at the twins with it's yellow pus-coloured eyes. A low growl emitted from it throat, opening it's mouth to reveal it's serrated, blood-stained teeth. The dragon licked it's canines with it's tongue. The shadow beast was taking it's time. Obviously the creature didn't see the twins as much of a threat. Throwing it's head back in an ear-piecing roar, it lunged at Ken.

Pitiful creature. He thought, battering it away with his wings, as if it were nothing more than a mere fly, it's spikes and claws useless against Ken. It met the wall head-on with a startled yelp. Ken didn't move to finish it of. He waited for it to attack again.

"These creatures are so pathetic. Not even worth killing. There's no pleasure in making them suffer. Let's kill it now." Said Akako, as the creature unsteadily rose to it's feet. It bleed from a gash next to it’s eye. It snarled and charged at Akako, who met it on with equal speed, driving his fist hard into it’s skull. It cracked with a sickening sound and the beast fell onto it's back, twitching, it's tongue lolling out of it's mouth. Then it lay still.

Black smoke receded from the dragon's body, leaving it to join the corpses in the hall. The smoke seemed to scrutinise the twins before sinking sluggishly into the cold stone floor.

"That's intriguing... the last time a shadow beast took over another creature's bond was a hundred years ago. Things are changing." Ken observed.

"Yeah. Anyway, c'mon. We have a girl to get." The twins walked out of the hall. They sprung into the sky, their large wings swishing soundlessly through the air. The twins began their journey to the Nekozawa Academy.

Chapter 10 ~|More_Surprises|~

Renee opened the door to the bathroom and walked in. The door silently shut behind her. She stared at the mirror in front of her. Her reflection stared back. The mirror dominated one whole wall. Bathroom? She thought, I don't think so. Is this some kind of trick?

Just then, the mirror spoke. Renee didn't look surprised. She had been expecting something out of the ordinary to occur.

"Do you wish to have a shower? Or do you prefer a bath?"

"Why am I surprised," uttered Renee sarcastically, before saying," I'd prefer a shower, if you don't mind."

"Right away miss." Renee's reflection blurred and was replaced by an image of a room with white tiles. "Please remove your boots and step though, miss. Do you want me to wash you, or would you prefer to do it yourself?"

"You can wash me if you want." And besides, I want to explore all of this magical stuff. This could be Interesting! She thought, excitedly trying to hide a smile. She quickly removed her boots, leaving them in front of the mirror and stepped through. The moment she entered the shower room, she was enveloped in steam and was instantly drenched.

"Ack! I was still wearing my clothes!" She exclaimed, as her clothes clung wetly to her body.

"Don't worry. Please stay still." Said the mirror, from no-where in particular.


A shampoo bottle appeared out of nowhere, squirting a large helping of honey scented shampoo on Renee's soaked, long hair. Invisible hands massaged Renee's head, creating a smooth lather. She closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the sensation. A bar of honey scented bar of soap appeared and gently caressed her body, leaving it scented and dirt-free.

Soon, Renee was feeling cleansed and refreshed. She had been blown dry and her clothes looked good as new. The mirror shimmered into view, with the refection of the bathroom. She stepped through and tugged on her boots which were where she had left them.

She turned to the mirror. "Thank you!" She said, treating it to one of her super sexy smiles.

"You're too kind." Replied the mirror, forming an image of a face and smiling back at Renee, as she opened the door to leave. She waved and left the room.

She entered the dorm. No one was there. They must of all left for breakfast. She thought making her way to the door, carefully stepping over a blanket strewn across the floor.

She stepped into the corridor. Now, she thought what was is that Maori said about finding your way around here? Oh yeah, just think about she said. Okay... I wanna find the food hall!

With that in her mind, Renee walked down some corridors. Soon she came to a fork in corridors. She looked at each one in turn. The first one was dark and Renee was sure something was hiding in it. The second looked more welcoming and had a warm glow, which seemed to say Pick me pick me. Which is what she did.

After a few minutes of walking down random corridors, she came to the large door, which lead to the Food Hall. With some relief, Renee pushed it open. She saw Alfie and his dorm-mates already sitting at a table. Maori caught Renee's eye and waved. She patted the seat next to her. Renee trotted over and sat down. Alfie stared at her.

"You know your clothes are-"

"OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!!" Maori squealed, sweeping Renee up into a bear hug.

"Ah!" Renee couldn't breathe.

"I think you should let go, Maori. You might strangle her!" Derrick said, with a hint of panic in his voice. Maori let go and smiled at Renee.

"She's not that cute." Said a bored voice. It was Mizuki.

"Oh yeah?" Maori glared at Mizuki across the table.

"Oh yeah." Stated Mizuki. That was Maori's and Mizuki's cue to start arguing.

Ignoring the fact that she had caused the arguing by looking so "cute", Renee asked the table for some rice krispies. Once again, the zodiac symbols formed a ? shape. They don't have cereal? Renee questioned in her mind. She looked at what Derrick was eating. That looks like cereal to me.

"What's that your eating Derrick?"

"Oh? Munchos. They taste of what you want it to taste of."

Renee asked the table for Munchos. After the food appeared Renee sniffed it and spooned a mouthful into her mouth. Mmmmm. Tastes of skittles! She glanced up at Maori and Mizuki. They were having a shouting completion now.

"As I was saying," said Alfie, " you know your clothes are still... um... are still like pajamas. Aren't you going to change it?"

"I'll change it when I’ve finished eating."

Alfie stared at Renee. "If you say so."

"I do."