Chapter 10 ~|More_Surprises|~

Renee opened the door to the bathroom and walked in. The door silently shut behind her. She stared at the mirror in front of her. Her reflection stared back. The mirror dominated one whole wall. Bathroom? She thought, I don't think so. Is this some kind of trick?

Just then, the mirror spoke. Renee didn't look surprised. She had been expecting something out of the ordinary to occur.

"Do you wish to have a shower? Or do you prefer a bath?"

"Why am I surprised," uttered Renee sarcastically, before saying," I'd prefer a shower, if you don't mind."

"Right away miss." Renee's reflection blurred and was replaced by an image of a room with white tiles. "Please remove your boots and step though, miss. Do you want me to wash you, or would you prefer to do it yourself?"

"You can wash me if you want." And besides, I want to explore all of this magical stuff. This could be Interesting! She thought, excitedly trying to hide a smile. She quickly removed her boots, leaving them in front of the mirror and stepped through. The moment she entered the shower room, she was enveloped in steam and was instantly drenched.

"Ack! I was still wearing my clothes!" She exclaimed, as her clothes clung wetly to her body.

"Don't worry. Please stay still." Said the mirror, from no-where in particular.


A shampoo bottle appeared out of nowhere, squirting a large helping of honey scented shampoo on Renee's soaked, long hair. Invisible hands massaged Renee's head, creating a smooth lather. She closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the sensation. A bar of honey scented bar of soap appeared and gently caressed her body, leaving it scented and dirt-free.

Soon, Renee was feeling cleansed and refreshed. She had been blown dry and her clothes looked good as new. The mirror shimmered into view, with the refection of the bathroom. She stepped through and tugged on her boots which were where she had left them.

She turned to the mirror. "Thank you!" She said, treating it to one of her super sexy smiles.

"You're too kind." Replied the mirror, forming an image of a face and smiling back at Renee, as she opened the door to leave. She waved and left the room.

She entered the dorm. No one was there. They must of all left for breakfast. She thought making her way to the door, carefully stepping over a blanket strewn across the floor.

She stepped into the corridor. Now, she thought what was is that Maori said about finding your way around here? Oh yeah, just think about she said. Okay... I wanna find the food hall!

With that in her mind, Renee walked down some corridors. Soon she came to a fork in corridors. She looked at each one in turn. The first one was dark and Renee was sure something was hiding in it. The second looked more welcoming and had a warm glow, which seemed to say Pick me pick me. Which is what she did.

After a few minutes of walking down random corridors, she came to the large door, which lead to the Food Hall. With some relief, Renee pushed it open. She saw Alfie and his dorm-mates already sitting at a table. Maori caught Renee's eye and waved. She patted the seat next to her. Renee trotted over and sat down. Alfie stared at her.

"You know your clothes are-"

"OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!!" Maori squealed, sweeping Renee up into a bear hug.

"Ah!" Renee couldn't breathe.

"I think you should let go, Maori. You might strangle her!" Derrick said, with a hint of panic in his voice. Maori let go and smiled at Renee.

"She's not that cute." Said a bored voice. It was Mizuki.

"Oh yeah?" Maori glared at Mizuki across the table.

"Oh yeah." Stated Mizuki. That was Maori's and Mizuki's cue to start arguing.

Ignoring the fact that she had caused the arguing by looking so "cute", Renee asked the table for some rice krispies. Once again, the zodiac symbols formed a ? shape. They don't have cereal? Renee questioned in her mind. She looked at what Derrick was eating. That looks like cereal to me.

"What's that your eating Derrick?"

"Oh? Munchos. They taste of what you want it to taste of."

Renee asked the table for Munchos. After the food appeared Renee sniffed it and spooned a mouthful into her mouth. Mmmmm. Tastes of skittles! She glanced up at Maori and Mizuki. They were having a shouting completion now.

"As I was saying," said Alfie, " you know your clothes are still... um... are still like pajamas. Aren't you going to change it?"

"I'll change it when I’ve finished eating."

Alfie stared at Renee. "If you say so."

"I do."