Chapter 14 ~|You_Again|~

Alfie sat on his bed, numerous thoughts whizzing around his head. She knows now.. Oh well, I guess it saves me from telling her... And then. What if she doesn't like me? What will I do then?

The dorm door silently creaked open on it's well greased hinges. Alfie didn't notice, he was lost in thought. Although he did notice when a black figure dived down from the ceiling and landed in front of his bed. His instincts raced ahead of his mind and he raised his hand to protect his face, just in time to save his nose from being completely crushed. A fist slammed into his hand snapping some of his bones pushing it back so it made painful contact with his nose.

The instant pain jerked Alfie's mind back into reality. Green sparks danced across his skin, healing his crushed bones. He squinted into the darkness, wishing he had better night vision. The black figure was no longer there. Alfie rose off his bed, drawing his sword in the process. Walking into the middle of the dorm, he prepared himself for another attack.

His back tingled and he whipped around and saw two blood red eyes gleaming in the dark. Before he could even blink, he was tossed into the air and pummelled by what felt like a million blunt rocks. He fell down onto the floor, winded. He lay there panting while the green sparks slid across his body repairing any damage. Groaning, he forced his body into a standing position, wondering why his mysterious assaulter hadn't attacked him while he had laid on the floor.

"Because I want to make you suffer for a long time. I'll slowly kill you. As revenge for what you did to me."

Alfie knew that voice and he loathed it. Swearing, he moved his body into an attacking stance as he readied himself. He heard a noise in front of him and lashed out with his sword, making contact only with the air. Then a fist crunched into the back of his skull, making him sink to his knees, stars dancing around his head. The dorm flickered before his eyes and malicious laughter echoed around the room.

Meanwhile, in the dark depths of the corridors, Renee was having some problems of her own.

"Not you again!" She gasped, eyeing the figure in front of her with obvious distaste. She took some steps back, knowing that the person she was facing was undoubtedly dangerous. The figure smiled in a friendly manner and advanced meaningfully towards her.

"We did say we would come back for you."

"Where's your brother then? Ken or Akako, whichever twin you are." Renee still moved slowly away.

"He's just visiting Alfie. And I'm Akako."

Visiting Alfie! I think I know what that means. I'd better go and help him! Renee turned around and charged down the corridor at full speed, but she didn't get far. She fell to the ground landing on her stomach, Akako's bandages entwined around her legs. They dragged her sluggishly him. Renee's hands scrabbled frantically around trying to find anything to hold on. She really did not want to confront Akako and her body ached from her fall. Options to save herself flashed though her mind. How do you kill a vamp again? It was a wooden stake through the heart wasn't it? So if i try to make a wooden stake..?

Cupping her hands she focused hard on the image of a wooden stake. The light in her Elemental Disk began strongly pulsing green, shining bright through her pocket. Small green balls of energy flared around her hands, forming a vague shape of a wedge. Akako noticed what Renee was doing and violently yanked her sharply towards him. Sliding his arm around her waist, her pulled her up to face him, breaking her concentration, causing the balls of energy to fade and the vague image to become one of the past.

"You're very powerful, Renee. More powerful than me. But you need training; a trained Elemental Master can form items in seconds. Why don't you come to the Freak Academy? We can train you better there than here." Akako stared deep into Renee's eyes, his voice soothing and suggesting.

Renee stared back, getting herself lost in Akako's maroon eyes. That doesn't sound too bad... Renee reasoned dreamily in her mind. Wait.. No! That is a terrible idea! Akako's trying to hypnotise me... he's trying to make me forget something...

"C'mon, Renee. You know it's a good idea."

That's it! He's trying to make me forget Alfie! Renee shook her head fiercely, trying to dislodge the fog in her mind. "N.O means no Akako. I'd never go to the Freak Academy!" Her voice dripped with so much vemon, that it could turn fresh milk sour.

Akako , who had also been eavesdropping on Renee's thoughts, pouted managing to look irritably cute and sexy at the same time. He then sighed and his expression turned into a disappointed one.

"I hoped you would come quietly." He said, tilting his head to one side, looking endearingly at Renee. Then he paused, thinking and his face split into a devilish smile. "Then again, I didn't."

Akako had a mischievous look in his eyes and Renee didn't like that at all. She tried to prise herself from his iron grasp around her waist. Akako just pulled her closer to his body.

"There's no point trying to escape Renee. I'm faster than you."

Renee tried to land a punch on Akako, even though she knew it wouldn't make contact. Akako blocked with his palm and before Renee knew it, she found her self pinned to the wall, her face level with his. Renee struggled, but Akako's bandages had a strong grip around her waist and arms. Akako smiled evily, sending shivers down Renee's spine. She could almost imagine him in a cartoon playing the villain.

Renee tried not to flinch as Akako reached out his hand to stroke hercheek. His touch wasn't cold, but actually quite warm. Renee turned her head away from him, refusing to look at him and seething with hatred.

"Stay away from me!" She hissed. Akako looked amused.

"I'm going to enjoy this." He snickered. He leant forwards and Renee got a whiff of his scent.

"You were the one who attacked Miss Kamon!"

"No. That was Ken. He's more bloodthirsty than me. Anyway, back to business." Akako smiled showing Renee perfect, white teeth, the kind that you expect to see on a movie star. Although you wouldn't expect to see the pointed canines of a carnivore in Akako's mouth. He continued leaning forwards, his mouth parted. He's going to bite me! Thought Renee, glancing down at her neck. Akako paused and raised an eyebrow at Renee.

"No, no. That comes later. No, what I'm going to do is different. My brother and me call it the "The Vampire's Kiss." He smiled at Renee, licking his lips. Renee pressed her's tightly together, Akako looked sexy, but despite that she didn't want to have her first kiss stealed by him.

Akako advanced forwards, smiling menacingly.