Welcome to my WORLD!

Greetings! my fellow Artistic manga/anime lovers ect. I found this site and it seemed to be very interesting. I live in Georgia so it's very hard to find very many people who have the same interests as me. So I'm pleased to let you all know that I Love your talents keep up the good work! Just a little bit about myself...I'm very laid back..I like to be silly and just have fun. I love expressing myself through art such as Drawing, pottery, scrapbooking, photography, ect. Some of my favorite mangas are: Chibi Vampire,Bleach, Black Bird, Beast Master, Aion, Portus, and Goth. Some of my favorite Animes are: Karin, Bleach, Clannad, School Rumble, Peach girl, and Hell Girl. I am Always looking for new books or animes to get into so PLEASE dont hesitate if there are any of your favorites you'd like to recommend! Well, hope you all enjoy my art as much as i enjoy yours! bye for now!