Time Angel


What exactly is time? Or should I say, was time, since it simply runs away from us with no warning. No one can measure time, even if we recall upon it in years, months, days, minutes, seconds, and so on. It simply frolics in the fields of reality and space, waiting for humans to catch up with it one day and wither away. Absolutely no one can control time. It’s free to do what it pleases. It can go as slow or as fast as it wants. Anyone who wishes to control it would rip the fragile sheets of the space-time continuum, resulting in utter chaos. People think time flies, while it’s not time that does the flying, rather, it’s everyone else who gets caught up in time. It eludes and confuses them in a twisting and spiraling game of life that no one has the power to get out of. Time is a part of life as life is a part of time. That’s why, if one wishes to take control of time in their life, they can’t, because it’s pretty much like getting rid of time altogether. Time and life exist in unison and if one dies and leaves the other, the space-time fabric is at risk of being damaged severely. Time and life, in a way no one could possibly understand, sort of make sure the other doesn’t die out. Life continues as does time. The ongoing cycle of life and death is governed by time and continues until time runs out. Eventually it has to, right? And if time runs out, so does life, because they are intertwined and share the same cycle.

Time and life are fragile things, so that’s why there are people who live to protect them. No, they’re not time travelers. There is no such thing. They would disrupt the cycle of time, no? Being able to warp to any time you wanted would result in your aging process being interrupted, which would interrupt both time and life. They’re not gods and goddesses here to make the world and life a better place either, although being able to do so would be nice. No, they’re more like interplanetary guardians, making sure life goes on and that nothing gets in the way of time. They are called the Time Angels.

I’m one of these Time Angels, although, our kind aren’t real angels, it’s just what we’re named. Time Angels are born, not made. The sole purpose of a Time Angel is to protect life and time at any cost. We have no other reason for being in existence. Time Angels are governed by one chief Angel who has the power to get rid of and recruit any Angel as he or she sees fit. Fortunately, not too many Angels are destroyed. The Angel would have to be incompetent of his or her duties as an Angel, but seeing as our people’s instincts that make us Angels are strong, it doesn’t happen often, although, I’m an exception...

It’s been at least ten years since a Time Angel had to be stripped of their duties, and it’s all because of me. I absolutely hate being an Angel! My life has no purpose except to protect others, which is fine and good until you’re the one the whole universe depends on! We’re the only source of justice for the good of all, but that’s all we can do. We’re not allowed to do anything else. I can’t do things normal humans do. Our bodies don’t allow us to sleep or eat. We can’t think of anything but our duties when we’re out on the job or else the chief will know. I always feel like a robot with no free will. It’s like we’re slaves to our own obligations!

The Galactic Court decided that, so I wouldn’t poison the other Angels’ minds with my way of thinking, I was to be placed in a quarantine until my Defragmentation. I only have a short amount of time before the procedure begins. Defragmenting is pretty much like having your Angel DNA extracted from you, only after that, you’re sent to Earth with no memories of your life as a Time Angel. You would be identified as an orphan and sent to the nearest caring facility to live your life normally. Only, the chief has no idea that this is exactly what I’ve always wanted. That stupid idiot... Never again will I have to obey him and his evil henchmen.

The door to my cell has opened now and two Angels are coming toward me to lead me to the Defragmenting cell. I walk through the halls while other Angels look at me with disgust. Poor morons... if only they knew how miserable their lives were compared to that of any other creature’s. I see my mother and father who are also looking at me with hatred. It doesn’t bother me because I never truly loved them anyway.

A door opens in front of me. The two Angels drag me in and I see a huge computer screen on a wall with a male Angel typing away at the keyboard below it. He says something to himself that I can’t hear. (It’s probably something that has to do with me being a failed Angel.) The two Angels strap me into a big uncomfortable chair and leave. The male Angel rolls his chair over to me. The other Angels who were looking at me with disgust earlier crowd the windows near the door to see my demise. I can even see those sickos who are my parents. I mean, really, what parent would want to see their child Defragmented? The male Angel simply puts a syringe in my right arm and says nothing. It stings so badly that I cry out and lift my head up toward the ceiling. No one takes too much notice. On the screen, I see a picture of my DNA beginning to materialize. My name comes up on the screen along with my age and date of birth. My vision is going hazy, and I know it’s almost over. With a quick look at the computer screen, I see the process is complete. I fall into unconsciousness, but the last thing I can hear from the computer is:

“Time Angel number 385. Name: Alana Zutori. Age: Seventeen. Date of birth, April 12, 1991. Defragmentation is complete and the subject no longer exists in the world of the Time Angels.”