its my life it may get boring it may even amuse you but im talking about what i want andwhen i want okay?in life the hardest part is getting thruogh the hard friends here really care and ill care as much as i can if you need support.we may be far from each other or just around the corner but otakus stick together and were all human enough to understand each others pain ....

i am hatsumi1234 mangaka in progress!!!

Im back for the millionth time just like the terminator..

Obviously I am not he terminator and I have never watched the movies but still Im back and I have been in major artists block for a LOOONNNG time I still have to fix it but the picture of hiroshi neko is actually 2 months old and some of you may have even noticed that i had the date there and eveything but still im back because I have revived my artist mind and hopefully ill take some pics and upload OLDER drawings and don't hate because I have in fact gotten better at doodling and I am proud .Right now i thinok ill write some fanfiction since i had writers block too and get back to you.(also im frantic because I just noticed on tumblr that book 13 of durarara!! is coming out in Jan.2013 that also means i need to buy..*count fingers while humming*8 more books TT....TT WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE)
this has been tatatalkin bout with hatsumi1234

Best day of my 13 year old life!~~so far

Today was grrrreat!!We had career day at school I got to meet an author an IT graphic designerand a lady(cant remember her name)That his people get opportunitys for those in the visual arts!!(music tv graphic design etc)
the second reason im happy is!!--The drawing classes that i found out about at a street fair almost month ago is COMING TO MY SCHOOL!!!!!!SO PSYCHED!!!!THE INSTRUCTOR IS THE PERSON WHO MADE A GREAT IMPRESSION ON ME HER NAME IS TEACHER ALI!!Everyone wAs shocked i knew her already but still i have my ways.^^
The last reason im happy is my big bros gf got me stuff that made me feel like a little kid.. This has been tatatalkin bout with hatsumi1234!! again!!>~<

im happy...thank you

Im really full of happiness that even if it was a few ..i didnt even expecte other post was so gloomy i felt my heart being poured out on the keyboard im thankful that even if i live thousands of miles from my subbers they still care about me...i was just being whiny and i just want to apologize now...i really wasnt trying to test you guys but the outcome was so ....err..i cant even say it in words it was so hjoagxdhgcuh!!!that i feel more diligent than ever..i pinky swear that i will keep my chin up because!!"THE HARDEST PART IT IS GETTING THROUGH THE HARD PARTS"!!I will hold that close to my heart now.._thi shas beem tatatalkin bout with HATSUMI1234 MANGAKA IN PROGRESS AND LOVING OTAKU!!

(i tell everyone this if a pinky promise is made with me and broken whoeever broke it shall have theie thumbs broken)I AM NOT LYING!!!External Image

today is so ...gloomy...

External Imageim at the library today and i finally got to be on here again feeling really guilty... i love this page i love it so much and im hardly ever on it i miss talking to my subbers like they were other kids at school,like i would sign off and sign on knowing wat to talk about... i got my profile so i,thirteen year old girl,could show the world how much i have progressed and i havent been doing that. my family is really low on money right now so i really cant buy books and instead help mom with the rent,i cant watch anime anymore becos my dvd player is busted and today i just checked my profile and each time i check it i feel "wow.....complete strangers really...should i say it care about me?"im angry becos every one here is so advanced and enjoy their profiles but i cant show anyone that i can be like them ive had this profile for year i goit it a week after my 12th birthday and i havent progressed much....i love you guys...saying that may seem like i have no life but right now its actually pretty wrecked....
Im begging my surroundings to stop changing but it wont listen.....

i might take some anime/manga classes soon ..but its just a thought becasue of money issues anyways.....
this has been hatsumi1234 signing to you guys in a while...i hope....

Gladness of sumthing

Hey everyone i havent been onj much because i havent been online much but let me give aquick recap of everyday life now.its almost been five months since moving from my apartment and now i have to WALK A MILE every morning to go to school.but its worth it worth it evne if there is a school for the same distrit acros the street .hehheh ihave gotten a fever while i slept every nite this week so im not at school right now im starting to think i waqs just under lots of stress becos of my high school class so im sniffling and typing away at my nanas computer thinking about what i should talk a bout and hoping im not boring the living shit out of you

i dont usually talk a lot errr...actually i do talk a lot but still im never writing on my worlds anymore and i wanna apologoze for making all my other posts worth;ess apologizes about how im never onfall break is in two and my head is starting to hurt so ttyl
this ahs been tatatalkin bout with hatsumi1234