Welcome 2 my families world! I decided 2 start my very own family here on theO! If u wanna be part of my family then just pm me of comment on my comment box below. There r a few rules u have 2 follow tho if u wanna be part of my family.

Family Rules
1. U must be nice 2 ALL family members
2. NO nasty comments on whatever any family member posts on here (like fan art, blogging, complaining about their day,etc)
3. When u comment/pm me then u have 2 tell me which part of the family u want 2 be (bro,sis,mom,dad,aunt,uncle,cuz,etc.)
4. We all must welcome each family member w/ open arms

My Family Members

  • animelover7310-Sister
  • Luna chan-Cousin
  • darkatana-Sister
  • shizuka101-Cousin
  • MagicRinger-The annoying gold fish that never seems to die (don't ask)
  • Heartkruez-Sister
  • Madsion-Mother
  • Bloodspike-Brother
  • KoInu kyan-crazy neighbor
  • NIGHTMAR3-dad

Pls join my family!

Family activities:

  • NEW
    Coloring Eggs:
    Make a wally, e-card, or artwork of a colorful Easter egg. (For more details look below or click here

Happy Easter! :3

Happy early Easter every 1! As a celebration i think we should color eggs! Just draw an egg thats colorful an fun an post it here for al of our family (an others) 2 enjoy! U can add stuff 2 the bg as well if u want. Just make it colorful Or if ya want u can make a wally or e-card (just 2 make things easier) if u wanna do this (an u r a family member) then comment below. If u dont then thats alright 2. At the end of all this ill put all of the pics together an make an awesome colorful egg wally! So hope 2 c urs soon!


Valentine's Day

Uhm...........I'm sorry for posting again. I really am. Hope this is okay with you!

Well Valentine's Day is coming up and that means all the lovey dovey stuff!!!!! What does everyone think about every family member making something simple to celebrate it?
It's probably not the most fancy of things to do, but.........I wanted to do something.


Okay! Everyone knows that New Years is coming soon! Well actually, in 4 days. ^_^; Anyways, I was thinking, that maybe for New Years, we can all make a wallpaper with our favorite anime or manga characters together and their history. Like things that could've happened that year or something. For example Kyo and Tohru or Yuki and Tohru or Kyo and Yuki. And then we can have HAPPY NEW YEARS! on the bottom or somewhere on it. ^^ Well, I'm not sure if it's a great idea, I want to know what you think! Again, I hope this is okay, Tatsuma.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends on theO!(and everyone else 2^^)

Hope you don't mind..........

So I was thinking, we should have some totally awesome stuff for our theO family to do! Like events, contests or something like that. ^_^;