Subs x3

AWWW i'm so happy i'Ve got 60 subs

i'm so thankful to ya all :o

i'm sorry i'm slacking off the last few months T__T
but i got to do so much about the university and the job T__T

BUT THAHA :D i'm working on coloring a lineart from someone on devianart
so it will be here till the 25th x33 :D

and i'm working on a pic from Black Cat it contains Sven and Eve on it but her dress is friqqing difficult T__T so this will take a lil bit longer so please be patient :D

Have a nice evening/day xD

Tiring Day

I have no time to draw x___x
But without learning i'll fail at the exams xDDDD
But i plan, to draw a collage for these pokemon/digimon challenge, a collage of 4 mon's xD
2 digimons and 2 pokemons :>

i really like Guilmon and Flamemon as digimons :D
and from pokemon Raichu and Absol :>

and i get a lil bit worried somehow my pic doesn't go well at theotaku but maybe i only draw not good enough or nothing special xDD

well so far for my first post :x

i know a lil bit dull and nothing really interesting but i had to do something else than maths the hole day :D

thx for reading^^

i'm happy about every commment like if my idea of the challenge is good or bad
how i can improve myself with my drawing and so on :D

p.s: it's such a nice weather today *-*