Mid-Week Recap

I woke up super pissy today. My inner thigh was hurting a bit, especially since I could'nt sleep, I just layed there like a pulpy piece of paper and I just could'nt sleep. Throughout the day, this girl (I keep forgetting her name, I can't remember it to save my life) was especially...Noticing my anger. I was still holding on to yesterday's argument with Verny Vern, I will admit, I can hold a grudge for a LONG time. The whole day I was just pissed off, especially in Gym where this raggedy [.........] kept aggrivating me and fooling around, making us do extra stuff that we didn't need to do.

I heard that Tyler did get on theO yesterday. He told me that his name was Tynime or something like that, it was the first two letters of his name in replace of the "A" in "Anime", so it was kinda witty.
Aside from that, try to give him a good welcome, but I will not neglect to say that he is kinda crazy. You might look at him crazy because of stuff that he does or says, but once you look past the crab-shell (He's a Cancer, so that was supposed to be a pun) of stupidity, he's a cool guy.

AND today I got 3 movies on my Flash Drive and I'll put 'em on my laptop and maybe watch a little bit tonight (Not really.)
Awkwardly, it happened at school. I asked the monitor at Study Hall to use his laptop for a Homework assignment. After I did that, I gave him his laptop back, and I saw on his screen that he had all of these movies on there. So I asked him if he could transfer them to my Flash Drive so I could upload 'em to mine and he said fine, just bring it to him.
That was like 2 weeks ago, the first couple of times, I had forgotten my flash drive, and then the other times he didn't bring his laptop.
But whatever.

Also, the game that was supposed to be on Friday got moved to tommorow. It's a home game, and I still feel hype from practice. Luckily, (In a sense) we got off of practice early because Coach didn't want to work us hard and for us to be hurting or lethargic from hard practice.

(This next part happened just now) And the ONE time I have time to myself on a school night, I got a new bed, but it didn't take us more than 10 minutes to set it up, so I'm not really upset. I will have to wash my gear for tommorow, but from now 'till 10:00 East, I will be free to take comments, answer questions, whatever.

The CRAZIEST thing happened in ROTC today. It was another inspection, and I still don't have my uniform, but my Uncle is trying to attempt to get into the car again and see if my uniform is in there. The trunk of the car was messed up, so we can't get in. Wait, did I already tell about the secret compartment in the armrest? I'm gettin' old.

But yes, there was another inspection. I hate inspections because we have to stand in Parade Rest for a long time, and it makes my knees feel weird after maybe 25 or 30 minutes. Inspector General was talking to me, and I was just clowning, I don't know why, but I was acting like Sheldon Cooper during that Physics Bowl...Despite the lack of teamwork and stubbornness.

I was just clowning around. I kept trying to snap myself back into attention to talk to the I.G and every time he told me to go back, I would ask him another question until it got old.

Plus, Darrius was playing around and tried to use some mind trick on me and it didn't really work, but still, he tried to make me look stupid. So when I found an opportunity to get him back, I took it. Even though I should've been silent, it was kinda worth it. Earnest just told me to drop and give him 10, it wasn't that bad, but that concrete is uncomfortable.
Plus, apparently Yellow Jackets don't like the Killer Bee, this yellow jacket kept buzzing around me during drill. (I thought we weren't gonna do drill, but I guess it's part of inspection)
That name lost its potency, but I still like it. Abdul still calls me Shadow Man and he told me today that he will forever refer me as such.
Anyways, I guess that's it.