Glad Today's Over

I am so glad that it is the weekend.
I had a real shitty day.

I woke up, sore once again, but it went away (It came back, but that's nary the point...Yes, I just said 'nary'.). I was upset because I at first I was in a good mood, but when I found out that my stupid ass left my gym clothes at home. Plus, something happened in first period, but I forget what now. Second period was ROTC, we watched "Crimson Tide"...Good movie, but I can't wait to see how it ends. I heard some real funny stuff, and now I fully understand what people mean when they say "Cuss like a sailor." Hahaha!
I'm so vulgar...Hm.

But Third period, I was in a 50/50 mood, which occurs sometimes. And after Ms. Champagne (My original Biology teacher.) left for 10 or 15 minutes, I was ready to flat-out stab someone or break the nearest object. Yeah, that quickly. First of all, I was getting pissy 'cuz I was hungry (Never be around me when I'm hungry and can't bare it.) and then JoShawn, once again, just had to come over near my area. And this dumbass already knows that we don't get along, plus, he had no business being over here, so I was stopping a problem before it was born. Then everyone got upset at me, now, what flips me into a Rage Frenzy more than a person being upset w/ me over dumb stuff, is when a stampede of people get mad at me over dumb stuff. I felt victimized in this situation, plus another one where everyone is interrupting me...By the third time, I lost it, I was about to punch someone. And the Sub was'nt really helpful, she just railed on me and got on my case more than anyone else who cussed her out and threatened both her and me.

Mariah, I am really close to losing it over her, needs to learn to leave me alone before things get uglier than her. She claims to be fit to be class president, meanwhile she's picking on me, what an example. And if she ever tries to use those spiked shoes of her on me, I will then not hesitate to hit her. I almost did today, and that in my book is a sin w/ a capital "S" for me. But I was out of control, I was holding back whatever goaded me into hurting someone. But I didn't want anyone's pity or for them to chalantly attempt to smooth things over after they have blatantly disrespected me w/ malice aforethought and then try to smooth things over. Screw that!

But no, I didn't hit her. She tried to hug me and attempt to bury the hatchet in 1/2 inch thick ground. I told her, do not come near me but she hugged me anyways, so I pushed her hands off of me. Technically that's not a hit, but she had to make a Shakespheare out of it and act like I hit her in the face and knocking desks over and screaming like she was hurt.
Grow a spine before you try to fuck with me. I was already in an agressive state.
Even Callindra (That's her name...Remind me not to forget) stepped out of her way and said that I get angry very easily. Whatever, but obviously, its a sign not to mess with someone. If you see someone on the edge, don't mess with them, 'cuz they might fall off with a rope that's wrapped around your head. (In the paraphrased words of Immortal Technique) It's common sense! If you see a dangerous angry bear, would you go up and tease it?!
It's like those Beef Jerky commercials with the "Don't Mess With Bigfoot" slogan.

4th Period I almost beat up Keon 'cuz he hit me twice. My chest still hurts, but I was trying to get my hits back. And Dion, I am about to choke out. Luckily, I had the sanity to give him one last warning, so if things get violent, he can't act surprised when his teeth are down his throat, his face is bleeding, and he's on the floor gasping for air.

Nevertheless, I'm just glad Friday's over with. Sadly, I have a Geometry test on Monday (Gah! How I hate Geometry. At first it was ok, but now we're going back to Algebra, and getting into all of these complicated sequences and stuff. Man, it's such a Mind-Breaker!) so I'll study on Sunday Night. So from now 'till Saturday Night, it's "Tekken", music, and hopefully me being left the [....] alone.

Fellow "Kingdom Hearts" fans who have not finished "Dream Drop Distance", I finally was able to get the Secret Message. I can't read it word for word at the moment, but I remember it saying (Paraphrased) "The past will repeat itself. The next number will appear again."
And if you've played a certain game, I think you know what that means,