This Day

Hasn't been that bad.
For once in a (Short) while, I'm happy.

I dunno, I just feel good.
I am turning in my History Project tommorow, and I am 89% sure that I passed my ROTC test. *Facepalm* But...The deal was bittersweet; Sr. Chieff said "Who wants to bet that..." me, Timothy, and two other cadets...3/4 of us got at least an 80% and 75% of our Orders To The Sentry correct, and if so...We got pizza, but since the majority of some other cadets didn't listen and were all confused, the deal was cut. That happens way too often, we could've gotten more out of it!

Ah, well.

Biology was okay, I finally beat my arch nemesis...The cold!
We were studying enzymes, and one of the trials was to stick your hand in a bucket of ice-cold water for 30 seconds and then break toothpicks with only your thumb and index finger and see how many you can break in 15 seconds. I volunteered, and...*After 45 seconds of a war*
Kyle wins!


Other than the 2 tests I have tommorow, I hope I get some sleep tonight.
All week I've been having nightmares, I hope its not because of my favorite most delicious ice-cream (Probably other than Sea Salt, I haven't made any yet.), "Magnum Double Caramel". Even though I don't usually eat caramel 'cuz its so sticky and it gets stuck in my mouth, that crap is GOOD!
I keep eating it before I go to bed, and then I can't sleep and I go to sleep right before 6:00, I have to wake up at 6:30 to go to school at 7:30, there's no way in Hell I'm waking up before 6:30...And when I do sleep, I have a nightmare. I was trapped in a nightmare that felt like a smooth hour, but it dragged me 15 mins beyond 6:30. I hope its not because of the surpressed feelings I have about school (Hate these ignorant pricks at this school.)...Or "American Horror Story" (Awkward 'cuz I skipped it last night.)

I had a dream that I was in a theatre, but I didn't know it...And I was watching this suspenseful movie, but it was titled "American Horror Story", and then when I realized that I was in a theatre, suddenly there were zombies. I managed to escape, but there were just zombies hidden among uncannibalistic human beings, then they multiplied right as I got in my car and then woke up.

Weird, eh.
And I have one last question:
Does anyone think I'm weird for loving this song?:

I just think its funny.
*Sigh* If only I had the Christmas Spirit.

That's it for now.
Love y'all
good night.