Officially Creeped

First of all.
I have heard alot of talk about the movie "Rise of the Gaurdians", and you guys had reason to hype it up, that movie was incredible! The 3D just blew me away!! I give that movie a solid 10/5, that's how good it was.

Today in general was short, time just flew by. But let me quit sugarcoating this crap and get to the point of the Title.

It's about my Mom. I am superiorly creeped out by her now. Now, note that what I'm about to say will probably not make sense to you, but please understand that this is ME we're talking about, and not many people know about the stuff that my Mom and I have gone through. I've held my tongue about alot of stuff 'cuz I don't like talking about my Mom, but now I have to tell someone because I am at my limit here.

But my Mom is creeping me out in all ways possible. She constantly keeps taking pictures of me, she has albums after albums of me, and nothing else; she takes almost 5 pictures of me every Sunday, and from the same freaking angle. She has me on her phone wallpapers, just too much. She could make an entire shrine that you'd see in a teenage girls' closet. (It's fucking creepy.) It's super scary. And for the last couple of weeks, she's been going crazy in the car. But before I get there, today we were at "Ruby Tuesdays" eating, and she kept lightly kicking my ankle under the table, and that specifically is a very sensitive trigger, I don't like it at all, it makes me so uncomfortable. Especially from my Mom, that's creepy.

And for the last couple of weeks, she's been inches away from literally pulling over and forcing me to dance in the middle of the freakin' night with her. WTF, who does that!? I really don't know if she's taking a joke TOO far or if she's really gonna do it. That's how creepy it is! And she does this in the middle of traffic, turns the radio up to 60 and just starts dancing, it's not funny at all. I don't dance (And she keeps bringing up Crave the Rave earlier this year...That was A ONE-TIME THING and now I'm regretting it for the rest of my life.) OR sing! I keep telling her that, but she keeps pushin' it. She was outside and was about to crank up the volume, come out and force me to dance at 8:15PM when people are at home, it's a disturbance! That, and her car is so loud already.

It's very creepy, and again, she keep asking me these really far-out questions. She keeps bringing up Jaylin and stuff like there's something to talk about. (She's not subliminally implying it, she just fires away.) Now, I know she's my Mom, but:
1: There is NOTHING to talk about...She can be so childish sometimes.
2: A mother should not badger her son about that in ANY circumstances.
3: Some things a mother should not talk to her son about (Unless there is no fatherly figure.)
And if you get mad and say its a Double-Standard, you're officially out of a dream 'cuz guess what, IT IS!
I'm no father, but I have been around alot of younger and older male and female "siblings" of sorts. And there are some things that a mother can only talk to a daughter about, and things that a father can only talk to a daughter about, and vice-versa.

Girlfriends are one of those things that a mother should beat around the bush with...And especially between me and my Mom with our...complicated relationship.
But yeah, she's just creepin' me out.

Well, tommorow is a "B"-Day so I'm pretty chill. I had a pretty good weekend, and I feel pretty good, so I won't complain.
Love y'all
Good night.