Words, Past, and Recent Bull

I really don't want to get into details about why I'm pissed, but I am sick of living here, too many ignorant people here. Yesterday I got into some bull, and I played my cards right, no matter how foolish it looked, but people don't understand how to navigate your way across a problem in the face of stupidity.
But I will say this; I did stoop down a level, but in the end I pulled the wool over on someone. No matter what the reprecussions are.

But what has really been spinning me is the fact that I can barely handle girls and that talking shit. I'm not a wordsmith like my Dad. Now my Dad can talk some SHIT all day every day. Me, I'm not that good. I can get one or two, but I need time to prepare, think...Then afterwards I go "Why didn't I say this?" I get my best talk in the aftermath or the prelude. I'm still hanging on to not snapping, and words haven't been affecting me as much as they used to. Words are cheap, but ignorance somehow has a different affect...It brings out the anger in me. Whatever.

Other than that, I'm not doing SO bad. I'm living, so I guess I'm straight.
I just felt like postin' that.
If anyone wants to know or has the time to talk, PM me tommorow and I'll explain since this information is too vague. It's late, I need to take a shower, do some shapin' up for Inspection tommorow, and I had alot of HW today so I didn't have much time.

Thank you again!