Let Me Tell You Something

I cannot fight like I used to.

But before I even get into that, I gotta tell you how much fun today was.
We had a Self-Defense class today, so I got to fight (Not seriously) without getting suspended...Who would'nt love that?
It completely made my day good since I've been taking repetetive crap from the same couple of people and it's getting kinda old.

And for some reason I am just suddenly getting accustomed to talking trash the way these idiots here understand. But still, I'm good.

Yeah...I can't fight like I used to. My kicks have been way crazy lately, but my punches have been getting better. For some reason, I can't do high kicks as well as I used to.
I've been watching videos of Tae-Kwon-Do, and now I keep sayin' "That could've been me if I had continued it."

That's really it, but one more thing:
I cannot find my damn pencil case for school! Where the heck is that thing!?

Even though I don't like to talk about it;
I did some researching into the whole Blasphemy thing. As it turns out, I have possibly commited the sin of Blaspmehy. But IT'S ALL GOOD, guess why?
'Cuz after researching The Bible it says that blasphemy against the Son can be forgiven while blasphemy agains the Spirit cannot. But using the Lord's name in vain (Which I have done before) is NOT considered blasphemy. And even in my cases of 'blasphemy', they can be overlooked if said out of ignorance, heat of the moment, etc. And it also DEFINES blaspmehy as not just saying things, but believing it and using it as a life-guide the same way the Word is used.

So, in summary, I may have commited blasphemy, but not with malicious or true intent, but heat of the moment and without knowledge of what I truly have said. I feel so good about it! It just brightened me up.