Hilarity of Today

Today I had a pretty cool day.
Nothing really pissed me off, I didn't cuss TOO much, and I had a lot of laughs.
My friend Mark has this insane ability to just be funny. I'm glad about how I'm feeling right now.

I feel like the Lights are shining on me.

JK, I haven't CRUNCHED the song yet, I will probably post my first CRUNCH tommorow, but I have a Mock Trial competition and I won't even be back at home 'till maybe 7:00. Super late.

Still, what else?
I got alot of stuff done, y'know, but ROTC is getting hectic.
Report Cards came.
I got almost all of my grades up. But then again, those grades are kinda old.
Nevertheless, I have the same GPA as last quarter, 3.125...
Pretty cool.

Last Event of the Night:
I am a stupid person who has made a drastic mistake;
I underestimated a person.
That person being Keon.
I underestimated his strength; LSS, we were screwing around, and I accidentally hit him in the nose, so he got pissed off and I honored the accident and let him get his hits back. (Not that quick, at first I was a bitch.)
Because...I'm not really strong, or athletic, I'm surprised I still weight 140. But some people act like I'm insanely strong, when I'm terribly weak. It doesn't really matter to me, I just have to be strong enough to protect myself, which I think I can do if the need ever arises. But he got me bad.
It hurt for a while, but then the pain just faded (Quicker than usual) and we went about our business.
That taught me a lesson in pride, though.

Call me whatever you want (And if you call me the right name, I'll block you with rare warning), but I can't stand Beyonce. She was okay in what, like, 2008, but that HalfTime Show was pathetic.
Viva La Ravens!
Still, there's a whole lot of controversy behind the show, I'm trying not to feed into it, but its really around me.

There's another pressing issue that I'd like to talk to someone about...IN PRIVATE!

Love y'all
Good night