Love to Laugh

Today was a great day!
I'm realizing that I'm a more social and bright person.
Yeah...I'm real press for tie, so I'll have to maybe re-post this later.
In the condensced version; today I had a competition for Mock Trial in an ACTUAL courtroom, with an ACTUAL judge and everything. I was a bit nervous, but we did well. We lost by literally one whole point; but it's not about win or lose, its about performance and points.

I can't really get into the details of the hilarity, but I laughed alot today even in the midst of some crappy stuff. I'm still okay.

Tomorrow I'm going to introduce my emo-ness to my art teacher (if she's there) since I draw better...Personal stuff than I do Art Classwork, in my opinion.
Also, I've been losing alot of stuff lately and I'm mad because I think I left my Mom's glove in a place I won't be able to return to. Still, let's keep optomistic.

Speaking of optomism, should I or should I not ask my parents about Katsu-Con, since I believe it is in the month. I'm still nervous about it. My uncle was about to bust me for checking out this website and stuff like that.
I'm so paranoid.

Sorry I didn't get into detail, but I still love you all
and enjoy the rest of your days.