Welcome to Rishi's WORLD for complaining. It's where Rishi will reveal, if slowly, about her life off the internet, along with her fears, her hopes, and her dreams.

It's where Rishi complains, thus the complaints

It's where Rishi goes to cry, thus the tears

It's where Rishi vents, thus the hate

Please try to comment.

I Was Waking Up When I Realized It Was That Day

God, I can't type today.

So, today's the day. Dammit.

I have nothing to say, which is a first.

But thank you guys for PMing me.

Today it would be especially nice
BTW, Mewmewpuu-chan, I think our PM died again.

Well, I've been tourturing myself as to whenever I would cry or not today. I've been crying waaaay too much latley, but I guess this once won't hurt.


I posted a really old Momiji fanfiction the other day. I really really doubt it'll get posted, because it's that bad.


I need to post a "THANK YOU FOR 140+ subscribers" picture. Something with Hani. Hani makes everyone smile.


I'm trying to not get to the inevitable.

I'm leaving now. Leave a comment if you must, but please, if you would, send a PM to make me smile. It doesn't even have to be about today...just wanting to talk is all I need.


~ It's been two years, and yet I still can't get over you leaving ~


It's not the nineteenth yet, but Rishi promised that she would tell you all why she hates Febuary.

Hm...well, screw third person. I need to just...vent.

My friend was killed on Febuary 19th two years ago by her dad. We were never close, relationship-wise, but we were friends, and I used to live a street away from her. Her papa was never there when I passed by, which wasn't often, so I don't know him enough to hate him less.

It doesn't even matter if I hate him or not--he's dead, too.

I've been down in the dumps latley, even though I didn't know it. I've been extra cheerful, because deep down inside I'm just depressed. I didn't even realize it until yesterday when I was smiling, even though I felt like breaking down ((which I did, by the way))

Everyone is sad latley--me, my mother, Squeechan, everyone.

So Febuary sucks. D:

I just wanted to let everyone know about it. I'm sick of keeping it to myself.

If you would, please send a PM or start a conversation sometime with me this month. Every person counts. I'm grateful to my 141 subscribers.

Thank you for caring.



You know what? Rishi knows why she's been so damn depressed latley.

It's because Rishi's lonley.

Rishi's friends at Rishi's high school have never really been "close" to Rishi--only a select few, and even then, it varies on how happy or sad Rishi is. If Rishi's sad and cries, then everyone's all over Rishi. If Rishi's happy, people tend to stay away. It makes Rishi wonder on why people act that way.

But Rishi hasn't been able to act cheerful, because it's Febuary--Rishi will get to that on the nineteenth--so Rishi's pretty much been avoiding everyone. It's not intentional, but...maybe it's only partly intentional? Whatever.

Rishi's sad, Rishi needs a hug without asking for one, Rishi needs someone to be there without asking for them to be. Squeechan is a prime example of this, but, unfortunatly, we hardly see each other because we go to different schools.

Rishi hates complaining. Rishi's sorry, everyone. It's just that if Rishi doesn't talk about it here, Rishi'll just keep smiling.

Please, please, if you don't mind, please be there when Rishi needs you.


Frustrating, is my life

Hey, all. Here to rant again.

Sorry about complaining so much. I dunno why, but I just got really frustrated with myself...I want to cry. It sounds really REALLY lame, but I'm near tears. And I don't frigging know why! Maybe it's because I can't live up to my expectations. Maybe it's because I hate myself in the deepest parts of my heart, but I don't know.

My family has been having a lot of problems latley. Maybe it's hereditary? The only reason I'm able to get on right now is because my mom thought I was having an "attitude" with her. Dammit! I'm so frustrated.

I'm going to go curl up somewhere and cry.

New art
new fanfiction







Thank you guys...soooo much.

Rishi made top two on teh fanart page.



So Rishi woke up today feeling nostgalistic...Rishi had a sad dream. D: When Rishi logged on today, Rishi thought: Hey, maybe Rishi's stuff made the top four.

When Rishi logged on, it was like: ZOMG?!

Rishi kinda...started at it for a long time.

Must be a slow day.


~Rishi, teh genki girl~