Welcome to Rishi's WORLD for complaining. It's where Rishi will reveal, if slowly, about her life off the internet, along with her fears, her hopes, and her dreams.

It's where Rishi complains, thus the complaints

It's where Rishi goes to cry, thus the tears

It's where Rishi vents, thus the hate

Please try to comment.



Rishi just doesn't feel chipper today. It's been a bad week, so Rishi needs to type something about it down. Sorry if you don't feel like hearing it...Rishi complaining happens often...^^;;

So, fist off, Rishi's bf broke up with her over the phone. Rishi acted happy and took it lightly, but Rishi's been feeling depressed over it for awile. Rishi felt like crying in Sears. He's been Rishi's friend for a long time, so Rishi won't hold it against him. He's in love with someone else anyway...

So, second off, Rishi got flamed by hahaidiots. It made Rishi feel insanely depressed, and Rishi's questioning her quality as an artist right now. Rishi finally, finally hit # 25 on the most active artists page for the past 30 days, and then Rishi's mood starts to dampen 'cause of this guy. Rishi apoligized for it, but Rishi doesn't know if that's going to cut it...mewmewpudding is insanely mad at this guy.



So that's all Rishi wants to complain about this month.

Ta ta!



It's been awhile, hasn't it, everyone?

Rishi's sorry she hasn't posted anything with lotsa words in awhile!

But Rishi's insanly hyper right now...


...moo. :D

But, other then that, nothing's really happened. Rishi hasn't cried in awhile (LE GASP!!!), sooo...Rishi's becoming lots more mature! It makes Rishi smile. :D

Aaaaaaand...Rishi's been writing a lot on Chiizu (look at Rishi's OC fanWORLD to find out about her.) So far, it's 60 pages, and Rishi's school-friends love it and want more. Even Rishi's semi-Narutard itty-bitty brother wants more.

Hey, look! A YouTube button!

Rishi really hasn't done much latley...other then drawing and school. (RISHI GOT A NINTY-TWO ON HER JAPANESE TEEEEEEST!!!!!!!*fall* )

There's a parade goin' by Rishi's house on Friday.

All Rishi can say is: free candy.

Speaking of sugar/caffene, Rishi almost had coffee today. Almost. Rishi's friends forbade any form of coffee from her (has never had coffee). So Rishi had two donuts insted.

Bye bye!

Ummm...life sucks?

Sooo...Rishi's here to do nothing but rant about how much her life is sucking right now. You can leave if you want! Rishi's going to post fanfiction later today...if Rishi can get enough motivation to get downstairs and get her notebook...

Rishi just asked for it, so Rishi will do it later today. XD

Sooo...what was Rishi talking about?

Oh yah. Life is sucking. D:

Rishi posted a loooong time ago that Rishi's uncle was sick...

He still is! Argh! It gets on Rishi's nerves so much! It's like...he's been messed up for over a year! And he doesn't want to get better!

So Rishi lost her temper and yelled at everyone. Rishi's still pretty fumed...meep...it's scaaary when Rishi gets mad.

Sorry Rishi caused you trouble! (Not that she doesn't do it every day...)

Rishi will get working on that fanfiction!

:3 tagged-d again...questionare...rants...YOU KNOW IT! chaaa...

Well...Rishi got tagged-d again, so...here're six facts! By the way, Rishi won't tag anyone. :3 Rishi's niiice.

1) Rishi normally wears her hair in two pigtails

2) Most people think Rishi is either seventeen or twelve.

3) Rishi is neither of those. :3

4) Rishi has a big sister complex (Rishi's probably writen that somewhere...)

5) Rishi likes junk food. :3

6) Rishi's Onee-chan makes good brownies. (But she's not Rishi's real big sister...)

And now for the questionare!

1. What was the last thing you bought at a drug store?

Rishi doesn't even remember the last time she was in a drug store...

2. Do you find yourself guilty of the seven deadly sins?


3. What's your favorite soft drink?

Cream soda, but nobody drinks it anymore...

4. Are you a virgin?

'Course! Rishi's too cute and young to give it up! :3

5. Did you ever do any type of drug?

Does cough medicince count? If so, yes.

6. What's your favorite animal?

Animals that go 'woof' or 'moo'!

7. What's your favorite color?

RED!!!!! Or orange. Or yellow.

8. Ever burned yourself?

Rishi's never touched a match.

9. Who's your favorite OC?

Rishi just loves Rishi's OC Hani to death...(Rishi's going to post her biography on Rishi's OCs next...) ...so Rishi would say Hani. :3

10. Did you enjoy doing this?



'Nuff said.

Rishi's not feeling up to her best, so Rishi's sorry if Rishi sounds too peppy! Rishi always trys to be super peppy when Rishi's feeling depressed...so...Rishi's selfish? Rishi doesn't think that's one of the deadly sins, though...(Rishi's mind is wandering)

Rishi has to go post up Hani's profile.

Bai bai!


More and more ranting...

Well, hello everyone! It tish Rishi. :D Nice to see everyone...

*stares at empty space*


Since Rishi hasn't posted anything about Rishi's life latley...here you go, everyone! The most depressing thing Rishi's written in a long while...

Rishi's been worrying about everyone latley. Rishi's uncle came to visit...and he wasn't feeling good (he hasn't been feeling good for the past couple of months...). He kept complaining and stuff...so Rishi gave him a little monolouge-ish thing. He just got mad at Rishi. And Rishi cried. Which was not fun, let Rishi tell you...although, Rishi does cry a lot...more then you would know...

(By the way, yesterday, Rishi's uncle called Rishi up and apoligized, which really surprised Rishi's mama, because Rishi's uncle isn't the sort of person to do that. So don't get mad at Rishi's uncle.)

Rishi's also worrying about Rishi's stepmom, who lives hundreds of miles away, because she just had an operation for something. And Rishi doesn't know what. Because no one tells Rishi anything. Which totally sucks. Nya. Rishi saw her recently, and she could hardly walk. Which also sucked. Nya.

And most of all, Rishi's worrying about none other then Squeechan, AKA Squee-Neji. Her grandmama's dying, and she's stuck hundreds of miles away until August. Which sucks. Nya. Rishi misses her, and is worried about her. (YES, RISHI KNOWS SQUEECHAN IS READING THIS. THIS JUST SHOWS THAT RISHI CARES!!!)

...This just turned into a complaining post. Rishi's sorry, everyone!!! TT.TT

As long as Rishi's at it...Rishi may as well post her fears...no one really has to read this, you know...you can all just go away, before Rishi says something she's really going to regret...nya...

I'm very afraid of what will happen in the future. I'm afraid that everyone will leave me forever. I don't know what will happen in the future. I don't know the betrayals and tears ahead of her. I'm afraid of change, and I know this. I know what an idiot I can be, or how the way I act pushes people away. I don't even know if this is how I'm really supposed to be. Coincidences have made me like this--that, and stubborness. A lot of stubborness to never give up.

I guess thats what I am--a stubborn little girl who refused to die, no matter what anyone said, or even what stupid doctors say. I don't know if I've told anyone this, but I don't like doctors--they think they know everything, when in realitly, they don't know shit.

Yeah, I've really said too much. Eh. Oh well! ^^

Ja ne!