You know what? Rishi knows why she's been so damn depressed latley.

It's because Rishi's lonley.

Rishi's friends at Rishi's high school have never really been "close" to Rishi--only a select few, and even then, it varies on how happy or sad Rishi is. If Rishi's sad and cries, then everyone's all over Rishi. If Rishi's happy, people tend to stay away. It makes Rishi wonder on why people act that way.

But Rishi hasn't been able to act cheerful, because it's Febuary--Rishi will get to that on the nineteenth--so Rishi's pretty much been avoiding everyone. It's not intentional, but...maybe it's only partly intentional? Whatever.

Rishi's sad, Rishi needs a hug without asking for one, Rishi needs someone to be there without asking for them to be. Squeechan is a prime example of this, but, unfortunatly, we hardly see each other because we go to different schools.

Rishi hates complaining. Rishi's sorry, everyone. It's just that if Rishi doesn't talk about it here, Rishi'll just keep smiling.

Please, please, if you don't mind, please be there when Rishi needs you.