Tazutira's secrets...

Risa watched Raijuu leave. She stroked Tazutira's fur "It's okay...I'm a good healer..." She placed her hand over his arm, and it began to glow "...You are the human? Risa? I finaly meet you..." Tazutira murmered in pain "Blast it...I was attacked flying here. Looking for you. I have to tell you the truth, Risa. I was once actualy worshipped by many as a gaurdian of the sky...untill other demons attacked the village. Then they began to fear me. I had to earn the trust of the humans again, so I took your spirit. You where never ment to be a biju. It was a result of my sensless greed. Forgive me, my lady. I now apologize by letting myself be under your command. It's...the least I can do." Risa was dazzed. "Then...can you tell me who erased my memory? And who's my family? I need to know..."
((Well? Fail or no?))