The candy sanctuary

My polymer charm world!

Polymer clay, clay charms, food charms, and cute food are all the rage on the nets. So now I’m in for the deal! Here is where I’ll post, talk and show all of my polymer clay charms, jewelry, and trinkets.

Some will be up for sale so any one has any questions about that just PM me!

Also if you’re looking for tutorials on making polymer clay food and such check out my newest blog cute clay tutorials!

The Candy Sanctuary blog

Craft update: More charms!

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this place huh. But rest assure that it’s still alive and kicking!

I’ve been more into the behide the scenes with The Candy Sanctuary like reading up on business and branding. Its really fun reading about brands because it’s like your make a little person that stand for everything that you want your company to be. Then you take that person and show it off to the world and see the response you get from your costumers. It’s really interesting and I’m working hard to build a really strong brand for myself and my company.

I just completed my logo a few days ago but it wasn’t the original I thought up at work. It’s completely different and I fell in love with it. Its pink, girly and yet cutting edge I have to post for you guys to see.

The real reason I’m updating now it that I’m in the making of some charms! I think they will be bag charms because of the amount of items. There will be an ice cream milk shake, macaroon, and a lollipop on each. Here’s the picture of the pieces.

I sanded the milk shakes so they look fugly, I have to buff them so they will have a nice soft shine. Once that’s done I can start assembling them together and post the results!

Thanks for reading!


Exciting news!

Most of my packages are arriving! My hearty clay and pasta machine came two days ago. Then just about an hour ago my glitter, respirator, resin pendent mold came in! They came faster then I expected too. I just wish my resin book and mold set would come in already. I looked to see if it’s been shipped yet and it hasn’t. I might ask the seller about it since it been a over a week about so I’m starting to wonder. Once I have that I can try my hand at resin work. There are tutorials I can try on the net but I rather want to wait for my book. Also, if I screw up it can be in the normal modes then my pendent one.

I have been thinking about the kinds of things I want to make with the resin as far as cell phone charms. I know I want to make some custom candy shaped molds but I’ve also been thinking of making boy’s love kinds of charms. I barely see them and I think making pictures and character for it would be REALLY fun. X3

Besides my orders I have been doing more planning and organizing. I still need subs for the websites I’m in and also I need pictures that I can use for the backgrounds, banners, and etc. I need to make some demo products so I can turn them into usable resources for the websites as well. I’ve been thinking that I need a real website for people to go to. At least a website I can show off my products and it’s not within a website community like deviant art, blog spot, esty, etc. Some place that I can really call “The candy Sanctuary” and design uniquely myself. I know perfect place to do that too. It’s free to use but you can also pay a sub to get extra features and have the website completely for your self. It’s called Wix and it’s pretty cool. I might be doing that in the future. My sister did that and it came out really nice.

Today I was planning to go to Michael’s craft store but I decided not to. I wasn’t up to the long ride there also I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a good price on what I needed. They have a sell on big ribbons 2 for 10 dollars but I checked on esty and found better deals. I also saw some really pretty scrapbook papers too. I’m still thinking it over and if anything I’ll go on Saturday morning since the bus fare will be cheaper.

I think that’s all for today. I’ll update again soon! :D

New blog post

I made a new post regarding my craft shopping and some of things I'm up too. check it out if you want!

Sorry for the spam. XD

Craft shopping and ideas

The fun part begins!

I just made a post about my recent craft shopping experience on my blog so check it out if you want!

With most of my shopping done I’m starting to think over the various things I want to make. I know I want to practice more on my deco den. I have yet to actually deco den an item so that should be fun. I have three photo frames that I can use. I can also get some small glass jars to work on. What will be really fun to try is the stack of macaroons or cream puffs. *U*

Another thing that I really want to make is TMM (Tokyo mew mew) weapons! I said it before in my blog post but I want to say it here as well haha. I think a strawberry bell would look pretty awesome hanging from my cell phone or old as dirt DS.

I actually should make a list to myself since I can’t remember jack squat anymore. (scribbles down notes)

Does anyone have any ideas just for fun? What’s your favorite snack or dessert? What kinds of charms would you like to see? I’m open to ideas!

A lame update XD

This place has been dead for way too long. D:

But I’m on my way on giving this place life. I just need to stay focus and get my accounts, websites and etc in place. I think I will use this as a mini blog for my clay endeavors, ideas, tutorials and etc.

I’ve also been getting a lot of positive feed back for my creations and I want to say thanks! It really does mean a lot. :)

Now I need to set up a face book, edit pictures, and update plenty to things I left be hide for a while haha.

See you guys soon!