Path Of Life - Parkour & Freerunning

This is a pretty cool video of some seet tricks (not to mention that insanely high fall at 1:17 of the vid)! If you got 3 minutes to spare, check it out!

Learn Freerunning and Parkour - 360 Wall Hop

This next move requires you to jump, spin, and grab all in one motion! Can you handle it?

RIP: Prince

This is a serious and dedicated post about a true traceur:

Prince, a member of Team Valiant from the UK tragically passed away recently. Wanting to pay their last respects to their close friend, his team members decided to hold a jam and to make a video edit in his memory. Whilst our deepest condolences go out to his friends and family, we’d like to salute this touching effort. In a time when youngsters can easily fall prey to ‘distractions’ it’s great to see that in Team Valiant, we have a group of friends who are dedicating their energy to something so positive. Aside from being great fun to do, Parkour/Freerun needs dedication and natural by-products of training hard, are increased levels of fitness, coordination and strength. These guys are most definitely on the right path.



I Trace Therefore I Am

Here’s a new video from Mexico’s highest profile freerunner, Eric ‘Daer’ Sanchez. Titled ‘I Trace Therefore I Am’, it features clips of his adventures throughout 2009 which included coming to London to be involved in the World Freerun Championship event.


Learn Freerunning and Parkour - 360 Cat

Here is the final lesson in the art of the "cat grab tecnique"! It's a whole revolution!

~ 360 Cat