Welcome to the land of ETERNAL SUNSET or HELL CORRESPONDENCE I am Ai Enma.Please feel free to stay here if like or if you would like to dispell your bitterness towards anyone. . . . but in doing that you must pay conpensation and the pay is when you die you will belong to hell.You will never feel the joy or warmth of heven and will suffer for the rest of eternty.......SO HAVE FUN :3!


i love you ...

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i need you mewo

Ai's Words

The poem speaks for it's self.Have no words that will even compare to this poem


The path of freedom Ai is looking for.Shall soon be open for her to use.Not only will her soul know freedom and happiness,but her body shall feel the freedom to.then Ai will be able to pass on,to let GO.Their shall be no more Sadness,Fear,hatered,darkness,or HELL.Only light as pure as snow.That is freedom.


Ai Enma just wants a way out of her suffering and pain but there is always something blocking her from happiness,holding her back.Her past will always hunt her no matter how times passes on.The pain won't stop untill she excepts her faith then maybe she can move on like thousands of cherry blossoms in the summer breeze.Then just maybe. . . . .she'll find that happiness and learn to let GO.