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Live Remix?

So, a few weeks ago, I heard that Square is gonna make a twewy live remix! I saw some screenshots and it seemed interesting, but it seems kinda boring since you have to fight a 20 person team with 19 other strangers as your allies. But what else can you do besides that?

You can see the news here:
and here:

Oh, and sorry for not being here for so long.

Chapters 5, 6 and 7

Here is chapter 5: I look out the window and see someone sitting at the edge of their window. I peak my head out and see Roxas sitting at the ledge of his window and eating a stick of ice cream and staring out to the sky....

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Chapter 2, 3 and 4

Sorry that I haven't been updating at all. Here is chapter 2: I woke up with my hair all over the place, dazed and still a little tired, I get out of bed and fixed my hair and tried to look for a bathroom. I could hear the other members sn...

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Hi~! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I'm kinda bored with the whole Inu x Boku SS fan-fiction. So I'll put something else. I guess I'll just put something that I have been working on for awhile. It's a Kingdom Hearts fan-fiction so if you don't like that then too bad! Here is chapter 1.

The Unknown Member of Organization XIII

I felt cold. I opened my eyes only to find darkness surrounding me.
I felt empty inside. I heard a voice calling out to me. A man in a black coat comes up to me. “You are our newest creation.” the man said. Huh? Creation? What does he mean? “ Here is your new name. Number 0, Kuraxi.” the man said and gave me a coat that looked like his. I wore the coat as told. It fit me perfectly. Suddenly I was in a white room with 13 chairs that were as tall as skyscrapers. “I give you our newest member. Number 0...Kuraxi.” the man said. “Eh?? But why is that person number 0?” one of the cloaked members asked. “That is kept private. Roxas, please give number 0 a tour of the place.” a man said. One member nodded and fell down his chair and landed safely right next to me. He opened a portal and went in. I went in after him.

As I stepped out I saw a room with large open windows. The man took off his hood and revealed his face. It was a young man about my age with spiky blond hair and blue eyes. “I'm Roxas, number 13. This is the Grey Area. This is where we come to receive orders from Saix and hangout.” Roxas says. “Ah...Wait you said 'to receive orders form Saix', what orders?” I ask. “Well there are these creatures called Heartless, they release Hearts and the hearts go to the Keyblade if they are defeated with the Keyblade. If not they will just find another shell and pop up again.” Roxas explains. “Where do they go if the hearts go to the keyblade?” I ask. “ They go to Kingdom Hearts. The job is to make Kingdom Hearts full so we can gain Hearts and become whole again.” Roxas says. I nod and look around the Grey Area. It has a few couches and chairs and some tables to set things down but there is very little to it.

Roxas leads me down a hallway with numerous rooms. These must lead to the other members rooms. Roxas leads me to a room. Next to the door there is a name plate that is blank. “Put your organization number on it.” Roxas says. I scratch the number 0 on it. I go into my room and only see and bed near a window and a closet. I look out the window and stare out to the dark sky. “ My room is right next to yours so if you need anything you can go in.” Roxas says and leaves me be. “Oh yeah, lord Xemnas told me to give this to you.” Roxas says and hands me a black notebook. I open it and see a note inside of it. 'Write down about the day you have experienced and anything that you find interesting. Treat it as a Journal to put your feelings down.-Saix'. I grab a pencil from Roxas and write in my Journal.

Day 1

I was told to write my daily happenings in this Journal. I met a boy named Roxas. I still have a lot to learn from the other members besides where everything is. Roxas mentioned about 'becoming whole again.', what did he mean? I'll have to ask tomorrow.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The dog and his master

The young SS member that was previously on his knees stood up and looked at us. Hiroki and I walked up to him. "Hello Madam. It is nice to see you again Hiroki." The young man greeted us and gave us a warm smile. "...Hello..." I said. "It is nice to see you again also, Miketsukami." Hiroki said. "How do you two know each other?" I asked. "We went to the same training camp. It's for those that want to be SS agents. All the SS people here all came from the same camp as us." Hiroki explained. "Ah.." I said. Miketsukami's master came out of her room and looked at us. "Hello..." I said and waved. "Miss Ririchiyo, this young girl is the new tenant." her master said. "Hmph." She said and turned her head away. "W-What's with her?!" I asked her servant. "She just hides her feelings alot.." He explained. "Come. Let's go to the convenience store." She said and headed to the elevators. "We'll come with you. I wanna go buy some stuff anyway." I said and followed them. "Fine. I guess I just can't help but let you come along." Ririchiyo said and walked into the open elevator.

When we arrived at the convenience store, I headed over to the electronics section and looked at the different types of phones available. "You don't have a phone?" Hiroki asked. I shook my head. "My parents said it's addicting." I said. I picked up a black flip phone. I headed over to the cashier with the phone in hand and bought it. "Let's exchange numbers. In-case you need something. Or you just want to talk to me." Hiroki said and we exchanged numbers. My first number..It was amazing.

When we headed home, party poppers went off and the the lolicon appeared in-front of me with a cake. "Welcome back my sweet!!" She said and hugged me tightly. When she let go, I was gasping for air. "Here!" She said and handed me the cake. "It's a welcoming party!" she said and many of the other tenants appeared. A young man with a masquerade mask looked at me carefully and said "Sadist!". "W-What?!" I asked. "I'm Kagerou! A fiance of Ririchiyo." He said. "Roromiya is his servant." the lolicon said and pointed to Miss Roromiya in a maid outfit with a bit of crab leg sticking out of her mouth. A strange paper-like thing floated towards me and said "Hello~ I'm Renshou Sorinozuka." He said and floated away. A SS member in bunny ears walked toward me while holding a raccoon. "Hello~! I'm Zange Natsume~!" He said and held up the raccoon. "And this rascal is Banri Watanuki." He added and the raccoon tranformed into a boy with blonde hair with a open school uniform with a white t-shirt inside. "I'm not a rascal! I'm a delinquent!!" He said. 'Whatever you say..' I think.

Day 2 is over