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Helping out a friend and his pet rp anyone?

What:Edson and his pet seagull Jullien are in dire need of help as there are people wandering around watching them and well he needs to know who sent them and how to stop them.
Who:Edson, obsidian, cresh, fleeting, systemia, playback and anyone who cares to join,
Where:cresh's place and the surrounding area under the floating island.
When:till it gets boring.

See ya soon, summer! [Last RP of the Summer]

I really should be doing homework, but I told myself that I was going to make an RP for this world, its been a minute

Well, summer's sort of ending. By that I mean I have 3 weeks 'till school's back in, but it'll still be hot out which is not that bad.
I won't get very deep about my summer but nevertheless, I thought it necessary to convene with my RP friends here.

What: Party at the beach (How generic, right?)
Who: Everybody
When: 'Till August 15th!! (I'm having a bit of trouble w/ my internet and I'm still kinda busy so I might fade in and out sometimes)

To summer! *Cheers*

Under an eclipse

What:an eclipse is now upon us and playback is not taking it well and is radiating massive amounts of energy and it's kinda building up in him and he needs to find a way to get it out of his system. Who:playback,obsidian,fleeting, Edson, any...

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A thank you to Toya for adding me as a guest poster!! :D I'm the new member here!! XD ✧Name- Kitsune ✧Age- 14 ✧Gender- Female ✧Height- 5'2 ✧Weight- 115 ✧Appearance- Dog demon, Fair skin tone, f...

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Master Kile OC Profile

Yeah, I want to make another OC since my mind has been wanting me to model one after me (other than Al.). I thought that this new one would make a good addition to this world. I'm crazy, sometimes, y'know? Ahem. ...

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