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[Soon To Come] Tattoo Parlor RP!

It's been a minute since I've done an RP, I don't even remember what my last one was so I'll try to just post this for the time being but I don't know when I'll get back to it.

What: Kenda has decided to get a tattoo, and she's invited all who are willing to come and get free designs with her, fake or permanent, doesn't matter.

When: Until it naturally dies

Kenda, Kenszhin, and Al

Trying some new powers:rp anyone?

What:Edson after a situation gains some new powers. He needs someone to help test em out.
When:now till it gets boring.
Who:Edson, anyone else who is applicable.

Happy Birthday Angel (RP Closed)

What: It's Angel's Birthday today!! That's right he's an April Fools Baby!!!! His aunt and uncle are throwing a party!
Who: Angel, his family, I'll probably bring some of my elemental boys here too. And maybe a special someone will come and visit. >:3
Where: At Angel's Aunt and Uncle's house *where he lives currently*
When: It'll be like a birthday week thing since I'll be away for most of the day because of work. It's also been a long time since I've made an RP on here.

(Will update with a picture later.)

Visitors! -- (RP closed)

What: Hikari's friends are visiting the OCU.
Who: Reka, Hikari & guests, whoever wants to join
Where: Town center
When: This'll be a short RP. It'll open up later today and run 'til maybe Wednesday Thursday (04/02).

Thanks for the RP! Sorry this one was so short. Maybe I'll do a part 2 soon!

Alaxastar's New Wardrobe [RP]

Hey RP-People.
I've been thinking a lot about my OC character development and I want to try something new...Actually, I want to try something old and put it in with the new. Check this out.

What:Alaxastar takes pride in how he dresses a lot, but lately he's been favoring a more ancient look than one would think.
He wants to change his style of dress, something that kinda reflects 18th-19th century British attire, quite like the old Sherlock Holmes, so he wants feedback from friends.

Al and the gang

From now 'till the RP dissipates naturally

Strictly realism

Kenda: "Alright now stay still, I want to get a good frame on you." *Holds Al's head in place*
Al: "Now remember, I want to keep the beard but leave a little stubble on my cheeks...My wife used to like it."
Kenda: "Just make sure I get my money." *Prepares to cut his hair*

Kile: *Reading as he sits next to them both with Gary standing on his head*