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It's A Family Thanksgiving!

Hello, fellow RP people. I was very pleased with the results of my previous RP, and hopefully I can attend and/or host more, but things have been picking up lately. Still, I think you guys might like this one. ~~ It's around ...

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Kile-Kart Competition!! [Racing RP]

Hello, my RP friends! Well, I recently came from a hiatus, and I'd like to return with 2 good RPs, because I've been trying to contemplate some good RP ideas to use for this World. I really hope you guys can join this one, I had high...

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School Season -- (RP CLOSED)

What: Nao is collecting leaves and such for a school project and at the same time hanging out and having some fun
Who: Naoyuki, Reka, Sora, whoever wants to join
Where: Park
When: Starting tonight, will run a max of one week (10/24)
Type: Open, Fantasy/Realism

You're In Trouble, Master Kile! [Uh...RP?]

I wanted to make the title like a "Charlie Brown" movie...Waa-waa-waaaaah!

Anyways, I'm bringing the magic back, people.

Kile has been hiding from Kenda ever since she first appeared in OCU...she don' like 'dat...You better run, Kile.

What: Kile is fleeing, watch and laugh
When: This RP will last as long as it needs to
Type: Magic...Lots of magic
Why? 'Cuz I'm bored and want to RP
Kile: "Aaaah!" *Scales a building*
Kenda: "Erin go brag!" *Starts chasing him*
Kile: "Help me, dammit, I can only outrun her for so long!"

Unimportant Detail(s) Post

Not really an RP command, but I just have a couple of notes. 1- Completely irrelevant, but I plan to bring back my Magic-related posts sometime in early October. I just really wanted to test out new RP-styles to see how my skills have chan...

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