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Alaxastar's New Wardrobe [RP]

Hey RP-People.
I've been thinking a lot about my OC character development and I want to try something new...Actually, I want to try something old and put it in with the new. Check this out.

What:Alaxastar takes pride in how he dresses a lot, but lately he's been favoring a more ancient look than one would think.
He wants to change his style of dress, something that kinda reflects 18th-19th century British attire, quite like the old Sherlock Holmes, so he wants feedback from friends.

Al and the gang

From now 'till the RP dissipates naturally

Strictly realism

Kenda: "Alright now stay still, I want to get a good frame on you." *Holds Al's head in place*
Al: "Now remember, I want to keep the beard but leave a little stubble on my cheeks...My wife used to like it."
Kenda: "Just make sure I get my money." *Prepares to cut his hair*

Kile: *Reading as he sits next to them both with Gary standing on his head*

In The Park-RP [CLOSED]

(Hello everybody. Here is another RP campaign I'm going to start. Thank you to everybody who participated in the last one. It was a lot of fun. Well I'm trying to flesh out Felicia as a character and get a small idea on how to write and draw her into a story.)

Intro: Felicia is hanging out in the park she discovered the other day. She quite likes it there.

What: Felicia and friends hanging out in the park. Some magical stuff may ensue.

Who: Felicia and whoever wants to join.

When: Starts now, will last about a week or so.

Type: Magical/realism

(RolePlay Start!)
Felicia: Its so lovely outside today. *sits on a swing in the park and swings*

I'm closing this RP because I have to deal with some stuff. I may create another in a few days. Thank you to everybody who participated.

Practicing Magic-RP [CLOSED]

[Hi its been awhile since I started a Roleplay here so I'm staring one here. I've missed roleplaying and I'm trying to bring back some of the fun. ]

Intro: Felicia is new to town and doesn't know her way around. Also she needs help practicing her fire magic. Will anybody help her?

What?: Felicia needs help practicing her fire magic.

Who: Felicia and whoever wants to join

When: Starts Today nowish and will last about a week or so.

Type: Magical

(RolePlay Start!)
Felicia: Hi everybody? Can somebody please help me? *looks around*

This RP campaign is now closed. The story will continue in a new RP campaign. Thank you to everyone who participated. I had a lot of fun Roleplaying with you all. Also any residual replies can be made on the new RP campaign as well.

OC Profile: Felicia Andrews

Hello everybody. I know its been awhile since I was last active here. I'm looking to change that. Anyway I just wanted to introduce a new character I adopted. Her name is Felicia. Here is her profile. She hopes to make friends with you guys very s...

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Heroes' Work Is Never Done~

I wanted to hold off on this RP, but since I'm busy and since it isn't mean to evoke a lot of participation, I'll just post it and leave my 2 cents.

Kile and Kenda have been busy all month, and it looks like there's going to be more work.
It started off as a peaceful day in Rock City until an accident occurred...Looks like they have some more work to do, but they can't do it alone.

Help save Rock City
Kile and Kenda
From now 'till the middle of next week
(I don't know why)