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New Challenger Approaches~!!

-This is to make up for that sorry excuse of an RP I made last week...And the ones before that, sorry, I've just been having a lack of ideas flowing for this World-

So there is this mysterious new power that has surfaced itself and now new warriors are coming about looking for a fight.
These warriors are a result of various Fusion techniques, and they are not to be taken lightly.
Al and Zeran believe that they've got the guts to take them on, but it doesn't look like the 2 of them can handle it all.

What: Friendly Duel
Where: Open field away from civilians
Who: Alaxastar, Zeran, and the first of the Fusion Warriors, Kiken
When: 'Till May 10th

Ninten,360,doubles profile.

These are play's sisters may as well start with 360. Name:360 Age:18 Cup size:D Hight:6'11" weight:will not tell me. Backstory(shared amongst the sisters):Brayan finds a ray tinkers with it and it hits a playsta...

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Not in the Mood -- (RP CLOSED)

What: Naoyuki's been a bit moody lately, and Taki wants to give him a chance to relax...
Who: Taki, Naoyuki, anyone who wants to join
Where: park
When: open today through Sunday (04/13)

Zorrita's into rp anyone

What:zorrita wants to meet all of y'all.
Who:zorrita,play,playback,Edson,Brayan,Hazel anyone who cars to join.
When:now till it gets boring.
Why:just cause.
Restrictions:magic/realism if they can handle the magical stuff.

Toki's Profile

name- Toki Shimeru (pronunciation: TOH-kee Shee-may-roo) age- 17 gender- Female ...

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