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Winter Ways (RP?)

It's been quite a while since something has gone down here, but if anyone can RP, please do so.

Ice Skating over the Frozen Pond
Al and Kenszhin

Whenever anyone can drop by.
I know its Thanksgiving and all, you're probably out with your families, but if you're bored or something, why not drop by.



Okay, so it's not really an RPG. XD But this place has been so dead, I thought it'd be fun to get a big, active RP going. Comment if you're interested, then we can set up the date and duration. ;)

What: Town picnic
Who: Anybody who wants to
Where: Park
When: Starting 08/01, duration of up to two weeks (08/14)
Type: Open, Semi-Realism (some powers welcome, but not too crazy)

Thanks to all who participated! ^^

Trying some new powers:rp anyone?

What:Edson after a situation gains some new powers. He needs someone to help test em out.
When:now till it gets boring.
Who:Edson, anyone else who is applicable.

Happy Birthday Angel (RP Closed)

What: It's Angel's Birthday today!! That's right he's an April Fools Baby!!!! His aunt and uncle are throwing a party!
Who: Angel, his family, I'll probably bring some of my elemental boys here too. And maybe a special someone will come and visit. >:3
Where: At Angel's Aunt and Uncle's house *where he lives currently*
When: It'll be like a birthday week thing since I'll be away for most of the day because of work. It's also been a long time since I've made an RP on here.

(Will update with a picture later.)

Visitors! -- (RP closed)

What: Hikari's friends are visiting the OCU.
Who: Reka, Hikari & guests, whoever wants to join
Where: Town center
When: This'll be a short RP. It'll open up later today and run 'til maybe Wednesday Thursday (04/02).

Thanks for the RP! Sorry this one was so short. Maybe I'll do a part 2 soon!