Leon clashed with Spati as the others ran to help a girl who had just stabbed herself. He had told Victor to attack from a distance as to not reveal himself. "Well now brother, so nice to see you again!!", Leon shouted as he spun away from Spati. "Boy, I've got SO many questions...first, who are the new girls?", Leon asked as the steel wires gathered back to him. "That's Yuna and Rain.", Spati said as Leon gave a smirk. "Well now, why don't you just give them to me...saves you from having to clean up a dead body. "Think again Leon!", Spati shouted. Leons grin disappeared as six steel wires shot forward again clipped Spati's two top wings, and wrapped around his arms, legs, and neck. "I don't think you have a choice brother, remember...I can force you back into a child or make you an old weak man...", Leon hissed as he threw Spati into the ground. Spati rebounded and launched a series of gravity orbs at Leon. "Oh, yes...", Leon sighed as he opened up the gauntlet. "Begone!", he shouted as a portal opened up and the orbs disappeared into it. "What!?", Spati said as he touched down and dashed at Leon. Spati clawed at Leon and decapitated him. There was a long silence. "Is that it?", Yuna said. "OH COME ON...AGAIN WITH THE HEAD, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE...CAN'T YOU THINK OF SOMETHING BETTER!!!", Leon shouted as he picked up his head and attached it to his body. "What is he!?", Yuna shouted as Leon looked over at her. "I sense that you're a time user...I can't have you in the way.", Leon said as he walked over and spun the wires around his arm to form a sharp lance. Spati rushed in front of him to block it. Blood dashed to the ground as the lance tip pierced Spati's arms. "Brother...GET OUT OF MY WAY!", he shouted as Leon threw Spati again but this time Spati grappled Leon and they went back together. They hit the ground hard. "Leon...go to hell...just leave us alone!", Spati shouted as he threw Leon into the trees. "Oh...but I came here for something...", Leon laughed. "I won't let you take Moonsong!", Spati shouted. "Ah yes, it is not her....but the dead girl.", Leon said as he walked out of the fallen trees. "Time Freeze!", Leon shouted as time stood still. "Now I'll just take her if you don't mind...oh, that's right...YOU DON'T CAUSE YOU CAN'T STOP ME!", Leon laughed as he grabbed Rain. "Hm...my, she is cute...", Leon sneered as he walked into the forest. Time sped up and Spati fell to the ground. "He has Rain!", Yuna shouted as Spati stood up. "Yeah...but why?", he said as he looked around to see who was injured.