Leon-Losing his mind

Leon placed Moonsong onto the table and injected a tranquilizer so she fell asleep. "If you're not going to cooperate nicely, then I'll just force you to.", he said as he walked over to a machine that channeled magic energy and then walked out of the room. As he walked, Leon began to feel light headed. "Not again...", he said as he stumbled into his recovery lab. "It's happening faster than before. I'll have to speed up the machine process.", Leon sighed as he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid inside and drank it. "It will not last for long, I need to get Victor so I can have someone to channel the magic.", Leon said as he walked out of the room. Using a magic signal, he called Victor, but no reply. "Son of a...Maybe Asuka can help.", Leon mumbled as he reached for his phone but remembered that she was helping Spati. "Something wrong, Leon?", a voice whispered behind him as he jumped and spun around. His eyes were wide and bloodshot as he stared at the figure before him. "NO, not again...just go away already!", he shouted at the figure. The figure came closer and became more visible. A ghostly image of a small girl, around 17 years old, stood in front of him. "You know I can't leave you alone, we're connected.", she said with a devilish smile. The girl looked exactly like Hela in every way, except fot a few minor differences. She was about 2 inches shorter than Hela, and had red hair and pale colored eyes. "You were supposed to have died! Why are you still here?!", Leon shouted at the figure. "You know Leon, I find it funy that you yell at me. Seeing as how, I'm only allowing you to see me...since I AM your Chiro.", she said again with a devilish grin. "You..."