This world is the exact opposite of my other worlds.I created this world because my friends said "you need to cheer up" and that I needed to create a world that would make me seem more approachable.Like I want other people to tell me that I need to cheer up.
Any ways I hope you guys and girls enjoy this world because it's a world of pure joy,mischeif,and jokes.Sometimes this world will also contain a few of my darker poems,as well as a few other things.


She is the one who decides a man's fate
She is the one who guides the souls of the dead
She is the one who has the power to take a man's life
She is the one whom we call Death's sister
She is the one who holds the power to take the souls' of armies
She is the one whom we all fear
She is called Death's sister for many unknown reason's
But we all know that one who call's upon death for her power
Is one who should be feared
But what have we to fear of her?
Is it her power we fear?
Is it she herself we fear?
Why do we fear Death's sister?
She is like us
But different in a way that cannot be described
She is like us nonetheless
She was made one of the Lord's children
And is still considered one no matter what power she wields
She is one of the powerful goddess's left
She is called Lillith
And she has no equal in the world
Not even among the other Gods' and Goddess'


Sorry I haven't been around lately to add anything new.I've been in college for the last two weeks and life has been kind of hectic.But I'm kind of gettin' the hang of thing's.For now anyway.

What?!!! More Work???!

You have got to be kidding me.Because there is no way I'm going to be doing all that work in one week or less.Gawd!Our high school teacher don't know the meaning of lay off of the work for a couple of days.And it only makes it worse that I'm a little behind already.If I could just get a little more time to do my work I'd be okay with that.But all of my teachers are being Assholes about me not handing in any work lately.Like I have enough time to worry about my grades anyway.
Ugh.I just wished I could have some time to do most of my make-up work and then do all the other work I missed.But no one listens to me when I tell them that I don't have time to do homework.They just completely ignore me like they usually do.

How Boring!!!!!!

Its just another boring day.How can anyone have fun on a day like today?Honestly there are things that a kid should really find fun andd things that kids should find boring.But then again how are we supposed to get through life?
I think today would have been fun if I didn't have to come to school.Then I wouldn't be so bored.I'd probably be at home reading my manga collection and some other books of mine.
I thought of something very funny and yet really mean.Its funny,believe me,but if you don't find it funny that's okay.So this past sunday my cousin Alison came over to visit with her mom and her baby daughter Robin.Robin is my little nine month old niece.She's totally adorable and very cute.She even has her own little dance that makes her look really,really adorable.Sometimes I can't believe Alison had a baby.Well,any way,getting to the funny yet mean thing I did to Robin.I was holding and about ready to give her a kiss on te cheek when she moved her head ever so slightly and instead of kissing her cheek,I head-butted her.She didn't cry or anything but just sat there in my arms with big eyes and looked at me.I'm so sorry to say,but I just laughed my ASS off.It was so funny that Alison,her mom,me,and my family busted out laughing.Robin kept staring at me for a while longer then laughed too.I just couldn't help but laugh.She's just so cute.

This day Ultimately sucks!!!!

Today is possibly my worst day ever.First,I got up and got ready for school.And found out that there was a 10 a.m. late start.Second,I found out that my friend L didn't get back until late last night and didn't even bother to call me all last week or answer her phone calls.Third,my little brother pissed me off and I beat him up.(My mom gave me a third degree lecture,which she's famous for,and told me not to be hitting or beating on my little brother).Then I got to school and had to go to this really boring assembly about fire safety and all that other stuff involved with fires.
I already knew about fires and what they can do,so why did my teachers think it funny or necessary to send me to a stupid assembly about fire safety.How stupid do they really think I am?To be honest the assembly was about all the fires being started by kids younger or older tha me.Gawd I hated having to sit through a boring assembly.I would have rather died than sit through an assembly about fire safety.Ugh.That isn't even the worst part.The worst part of my day is having this major headache that's been kicking my A** all day long.It probably won't go away until I go to bed tonight,or at least until I get homa and take some pain killers.