Hey everybody,
The Underworld is yet another world of darkness and dark desires.But the only difference is that it's a world of hate, anger, desperation, and a bit of jealousy.
The underworld is basically my haven and I love to write poetry,so there will be alot of poetry on this page and a few other things in this world. I hope you enjoy everything and if you want to see something other than poetry just let me know

Seether: Rise Above This

This is yet another one of my favorite music video's.I hope you all will like it too.And even better it's by one of my favorite band's:Seether.YAY!

So Sorry!

I have this friend whom I haven't talked to since December or November.She and I go to different schools and it's kind of hard for us to talk to one another over long distances.So I decided to call her up this past week and accidentily cut her off while she was trying to tell me about her week.I really didn't mean to do it.Seriously,I didn't.She hasn't called me since,but she did send me mail telling me that she is way too pissed off at me.


You foul liar!
How could you do this to me?
I thought you loved them
I thought you would never hurt them
I thought you said you would protect them with your very life
Or at least what's left of it
But you lied
You lied!
You lied to them
You sat there and lied right to their faces
Now look at them
Sprawled out on the floor
Laying a few feet from each other
Covered in blood
Their eyes have gone a milky white
Their mouths open to to scream for help
Only they couldn't do it
It was already too late;
They were a close family
They loved each other so much
That they would do their best to keep each other safe
They would even go so far as to die for each other
That never changed;
Because even after death their hands still reach for each other
Standing here in the middle of the chaos
I can't believe what I see before me
I look at the dead bodies
And feel a lump form in my throat
Threatening to choke me
I look around and my eyes lock on you
Your standing there in the shadows
Looking like death awaiting his next victim
But you have a sad expression on your face
There are traces of tears on your face
Like you were crying
I look a little closer and see that you are crying
That's when I realize what your going to do
I take a few steps back towards the front door
You come out of the shadows
Looking like your going to do something you'll regret
I turn to run
Only to stop dead in my attempt to find you standing in front of me
I back up a little away from you
You reach out and try to grab my arm
I get out of the reach of your hand and find myself backed up against the wall
I look behind me to see that I've run into the wall that seperates the living room from the kitchen
I look back at you to find you standing right in front of me
Barely inches away from me
You get close to me
Close enough that our bodies touch
I try to push at the wall of your chest but that barely has any effect on you
You grab my wrists and pin them against the wall
You lean into me and kiss me
I feel tears running down my cheeks
I break away from your lips and try to find a way to make you release my wrists
You only pull me closer to you and hold me
I struggle against your hold
After a while I stop struggling and realize why your not trying to hurt me
I look back at the dead bodies of your family
Then back at you
Your looking at me with a sad expression on your face and devastation in your eyes
I lay my head against your chest and cry
I cry because I loved this family
I cry because I love you
I cry because this family is dead and there's nothing we can do about it
You hold me close
I look back up at your face and reach up with my hands to frame it
I stand on the tips of my toes
And kiss you
You kiss me back with more love than anyone ever could
I break the kiss and look at you
I want to tell you something but I just don't know how to say it
I do any way
I lean my head against your chest again and wrap my arms around your waist
You hold me tighter than you did before
And rest your chin on the tops of my head
"I'm sorry"
"I said I'm sorry"
You pull back and look at me
I merely look at you
You just stand there looking at me
Then you pull me back into your arms
And you say,"me too"
I just stand there holding you while you hold me


I'm sitting here
Covered in blood
Their blood
I loved them so much
I can't believe I did this
But I did
And I can't go back in time to make things right
I should never have gotten them involved
But as stupid as I was,I did
I can never take what I did back
Because their already dead
Laying before me as a reminder that I should never take things for granted
Yet I took their lives for granted
I thought they would always be here for me
To love me
To comfort me
To laugh with me
To fight with me
But their not...anymore
I look up from their dead bodies and find you staring at me
I feel like I'm on the verge of crying my heart out
But why?
Why do I feel like this?
Why is this happening to me?


How stupid
You thought to subdue me
You thought to outsmart me
Me of all people
I can't believe how stupid you can be
You thought to make me look bad
You thought to make me look like a total idiot
But it all backfired didn't it?
I didn't look bad
I didn't look like a total idiot
You were the one who looked bad
You were the one who looked like a total idiot
Man you must feel pretty dumb now
But I wouldn't know would I?
Because I'm supposed to be super smart right?
I'm supposed to be the good girl right?
Well your wrong
I'm none of those
I'm more of the rebellious type
I'm the kind of girl who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd
And I do
I do a pretty good job of it too
But that doesn't matter
You are what matters
You have this personality about you
One I can't quite describe yet
But yeah your pretty rebellious in your own way you know
Yet you tried to hurt me
You tried to make me look like a total loser
You tried to make look stupid
In the end it all backfired
Your the who looked stupid
Your the one who everyone calls ignorant