Untitled (yet again)

I lay here on the cold and broken tile floor
Exhausted beyond comprehension
My body feels like it has been taken through Hell and back again
I look up at the ceiling above
And begin to dream

As tears begin to form in my eyes
Memories from times long past pass before me
Making me long for the days that I could have found happiness while in this dark place
I can see my family: my little brother, my sister, my mom and dad
My mother and father stand before me, holding one another and smiling at me
I can picture my little brother laughing with my parents about some little prank he pulled
He stands behind me, merely taking in my posture and trying to evaluate how to help me get through whatever emotion or turmoil I'm facing
I can see my sister running towards me with her arms outstretched
She keeps running towards me with her open arms and tears streaming down her face
The abruptly passes through me and disappears along with my brother and my parents
I look around me, desperately trying to see where they are or where they went
But there is no trace of them
Its as if they had never been here with me in the first place
I keep calling for them, but there is no answer to be heard whatsoever
I give up and merely fall to my knees
Wrapping my arms around myself I let out a cry of despair and sorrow
The tears that I have long fought to keep from falling are now pouring down my cheeks like never ending waterfalls
I cry my heart out to the world around me
Hoping to let every inhabitant of this world feel my pain
But no one's here in this world to hear my cry of pain and loss
There is is only me in this miserable world of darkness
Its unbearable to be able to feel this way
I just wished I could leave this world and never come here again

As I awake from my slumber, I can barely see a small speck of light
A small speck that is gradually beginning to grow in size
I try to sit up, but cannot fore my arms nor my legs won't support my body's weight
So I just lay here on the cold and broken tile floor
Looking at the small light that has begun to get larger by the minute
I can do nothing more than merely watch as the light in this world of darkness gradually increases
As I look into the light, I see the most happiest, saddest and unmistakable site I've ever seen in my entire miserable existence in this world
I see my family standing in the center of the light
I begin to cry anew
Fore my family is smiling and outstretching their arms towards me
I try and reach for them but fail
My arms, legs and most of my body is entirely exhausted and cannot move
I cry out and look back up at the light in which surrounds my family
My sister and brother are looking at me with expectant expressions on their faces
While my dad is just looking down at with that knowing smile of his
My mom on the other hand is talking to me, but I cannot hear her words
I try and tell her this but cannot because my voice is rusty from disuse
She says something again, but this its something different
I look at her with a blank expression
She turns to my sister who looks down at me and repeats what my mom had said earlier
And this time I look at her lips so I can at least try and interpret what I need to do
What I find out is not unexpected but hard to do
My mom and sister tell me that all I have to do is let go of all the pain I've kept within myself
Only then will I be able to be with them
So I close my eyes and concentrate on letting go

When I open my eyes again, I see my dad looking down at me with a happy smile on his face
I feel his arms holding me so I look around me
To my left I see my brother and sister looking at me with tears in their eyes
I look to my right and see my mom looking at me also
But she isn't crying, she's smiling
Its then that I realize where I am
I feel tears begin to swell in my eyes because I can't believe what I had done
I actually did what my mother and sister had told me to do
I let go of the world around me, with all its pain, loss, misery, and sorrow
And now I am with my family eternally