I can't breathe
It feels like something is squeezing my lungs
I can feel my heart begin to shatter into a million fragments
But it doesn't matter anymore
Because my only reasons for living are no longer with me
They lay before me covered in blood
They lay there stiff and pale
They don't look like they used to
They don't even look like the people I remember

I sit here beside them
Crying my heart out
Tears fall unchecked down my face
Making little spots on the ground
Why is this happening?
Why them and not me?
Why did it have to end this way?
I loved them so much and to have them taken from me
Oh God!
It hurts so much I can't bear to feel this way
My life lays here before me
Making me realize just how much I took it for granted
I thought I could have them with me forever
But I thought wrong
I couldn't have them forever
They were taken for granted as well
But it didn't really register until now
How stupid!
I should have learned
I should have known better
But I didn't
I couldn't
I was just some selfish little girl trying to make things work in the world
Where did that get me?
No where!

I sit here crying still more
Tears fall unchecked down my face
Nothing can make me happy anymore
Nothing can make me feel like I'm alive anymore
All anything or anyone can do
Is make me feel more miserable than I already am