Thank You

It is so contagious
I can hardly breathe
It is so unconditional
I don't know how to fathom it
It is so full of life and joy
That not even the most vilest and evil person cannot be come near without weeping with unbound joy
It is beyond my comprehension
I have yet to understand it's meaning
It is only for those you hold close to your heart
For they are the ones you would protect and cherish with your life
It has no boundaries
For it is always reaching for everything and everyone
I know no such thing
For it was never taught to me
I have never once known what it was called
Now I do
And that is only because of you
You and only you
You have captured me and made me yours forever
And you only did that with your love
Your love
It's so contagious I can scarcely fathom it
Yet I know the meaning of love
And with all due respect
I think it's the most amazing feeling anyone can ever have
It is unconditional and given freely
Without a single reservation
It is all things good and bad
It it all happiness and everything sad
It is all laughter and love
But that's because it is love
And love is a part of life
As you've just shown me
I thank you for what joy and happiness you've brought into my life
Thank you