Hi, guy's, I hope you like you'r stay in *The World* And I still have my MyO page, so you can go there to, hope to talk you all of you soon!! And wellcome to *The World*!!

Long time huh guy!

Hey guy's! How are you, I just thot I'd say a'lil some thing.^^ Um, lets see, I'm on devianart now, well, mostlly, so I'll still put up art here, but not that much.^^ Sorry^^

And um, I'm not leaveing from myO or theO, 'cus some of my best friend's are on here, so, I'm not leaveing.^^

That's it for now, TTYL everyone!

Caio caio!

That time. >_

Hello guy's, it's that time of the month, and I HATE IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!! So, how are you guy's today, Im not good, 'cus of how bad I fell. Sorry for the bad post, I just thot of posting somethin, so, you can go to my MyO page, and I'll have something better to say there. Chio chio



*Sigh* Hi guy's, I'm not felling good right now, it's going to rain tonight, so I'm worry abot that. And don't say it'll be ok 'cus it whont, my mom and nanny have to go outside with the horses and blaze allmost killed my mom and dad the other night 'cus it was raining and we had hail, so I'm worry, and my mom isint felling good right now, she's sick and she can't breth hardlly, so, I'm so worry abot her I whint to my art class, and I talked ever more thin I'd drawin, and I'm triing to draw my uncle:matt, my dad's brother that past away whin I was a year old, so I'm triing to draw him for my dad, whin it's done, I'll post it ok. Ok, I have to go now, I'll talk to all of youy later, love ya, see ya!


Hey, how are you guy's!:g_smile:

Hey ya'll, how are you, i'm good! So, what's up in *The World* right now, any fight latelly? Hope not, 'cus all of the enemy's are gone, so not to worry, *The World* is safe!! Will, I'll post a'lil later, so I'll talk to all of you later 'kay, chio chio!!


Hi, everyone.

Hi everyone! How are you, I'm ok, it's raining here, and my horse blaze hate's the rain, so my mom and dad are out there with her. And om, my other horse spirit is sick, so I'm worred abot him to, oh man I hate this!! Not to much to say, I'll post again later 'kay, bye bye!!