The Problem With Amazing Artists

Let me just make myself clear right now, I love amazing artists. Without them, the world would be very dreary. But, I noticed that amazing artists all share one negative trait.

They are just too dang humble. :|

I'm sure that there is one gorgeous and absolutely stunning picture on theO homepage right now, and that when you click on it and you read the description, it will say: Sorry for the suck-esque coloring, or something along those terms. We know that they want to become better in their artistic skills. But sometimes, enough is enough. Why can't they just admit that their piece of art is good and that they're damn proud of it? I know that we're our own toughest critic. But we shouldn't be afraid of admitting that we're pretty good in whatever talent we specialize in. If you keep second guessing yourself, you'll never be the artist you strive to be. I'm friends with plenty of artists who always say, "I hate this picture. I want to burn it." And when I take a glance at it, it's completely beautiful with perfect shading, perfect blend of colors, and the details are amazing. And when I try to tell them that, they look at me as if I was some moronic idiot.

I am one of the people that can't draw to save the life of me. I've erased a hole in a piece of paper after a minute of erasing. I specialize in stick figures with happy faces. :] Even if I'm an idiot with a pencil, I know when a picture is good. So, amazing artists that are reading this, how do you think we non-drawing artists feel when you say that this spectacular drawing of yours is horrible? I know that when that happens to me, I feel like a dumb monkey with a pencil. It honestly hurts me. :[

So please, for the love of God, admit when a drawing of yours is awesome. Because you're talented and people admire your art. Refrain from typing the phrase "The shading sucks, forgive me!" Because chances are, yeah, we'll forgive you.