Changing gears a little...just venting

My friends and family think I would be more "chipper" if I was in a relationship. WTF? I'm usually one that faces challenges head on, but when that word "relationship" comes up I run like a bat out of hell. I like my life just the way it is. Okay so maybe I don't have tons of money, and maybe I don't have whatever everybody thinks I should have: But I always thought that if I am happy with my life that's all that mattered? Maybe I'm off I dunno.

Okay enough about that...goodbye for now.

Life and Trigun

Vash The Stampede (or Vash) is one tough man. But there is more to him than meets the eye. Those of you who have seen the series and know the plot well he is one who hides his feelings pretty well and keeps things to himself, and shows no emotion.

There are people in life that have similar personalities. And believe it or not it's not good to hold your emotions inside, because they will eventually come out in a violent, not-so-healthy way. And the frusterating part of it all is knowing someone with that type of personality and not being able to help them because they won't let you in.

The Witching Hour.....

As the nighttime air covers the skies, my mind starts to wonder and think about things that plague me: Why did this happen? Why did they say goodbye so abruptly? It's been a year since they've been gone and the death of our friendship still haunts me like a demon haunts a soul. "Let it go," they all say. "It's not worth it." But when this entity that you care about and have cared about for so long is in trouble it is impossible to let it go...especially when looking at them is like looking in a mirror. You know they are in agony and auffering but they are so close yet so far away. They are just out of your reach and those stabbing feelings are unbearable.

The Witching Hour fades as the sun peaks over the horizon. The plague disappears for awhile but like the pain the entity will be back.