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I need customers....I'm bored and have too much time....


You can just order here, just copy the form over. *yawns*

Website List

Boredom boredom boredom.....here's the list of websites I'm on in alphabetical order. I've been to more websites than these but some don't seem to fit here:

AnimalJam - Sakura1218
Card Solider Wars - SakuraX10
CinderClan RP - Warriorslovers18/Skypaw
Crystal Saga - SakuraStar12
DeviantArt - Rangellian
FanFiction - Heart-of-the-Warriors
Gossip Girl - Sakura Lei
Habbo Hotel - (still in determination)
NationStates - Rangellians
Neopets - Sakura1218
OMGPOP - SakuraForever
Otaku - Rangellian (already known)
Pottermore - MidnightFang27826/CrimsonDragon11671
TinyChat - RangellianSakura
Timblr - (still in determination)
Twitter - Sakura Lei
Warriors Cats RP - WarriorsRule
Warriors RPG - WarriorsLovers18
Warriors Wish - WarriorsHeartsX
Youtube - RangellianWarriors

Hi hi hi hi hi hi

Hiya! I'm Rangellian, but call me Sakura! I'm new to theOtaku, but I had done the quizzes many times. I love to read and listen to music and enjoy going online. You may see me around here or other websites. I had been to many websites including DevinatArt and FanFiction and others.

Rangellian is not a real word. It is my own word and it stands for a type of race in my stories, the Skyians Chronicles. In the story, I'm a Rangellian. It's nice to meet you anyway! ^^ See you around!