This is a story of love and tragedy. The Hollows follows the trials of a young demon hunter woman and a very special high school boy.

Lapaperninja and myself have put a lot of work into this story, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. We encourage comments, as it lets us know that you all like it.

Chapter 22

“ Dude~” I turned my head and looked at Vladimir in annoyance “Seriously shut the crap up Vladimir” I said as I held the drink in my hand. “I heard that kyo is gonna be a detective” he said looking at me more ...

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Chapter 21

"Well, ready to head home?" Kyo asked me as he held the door of the theater open for me to walk through, ahead of him. It was getting late, and I needed to get some sleep. I nodded. "I suppose so. I have some homework I need to work on tomo...

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Chapter 20

~* Arata *~ "I truly dont see what she sees in that kyo guy,He look like a stuck up brat" Takashi said, "And look who's talking" i said glancing at him from the corner of my eyes, "Just b...

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chapter 19

"I thought you were with your boyfriend," Arata said, making me look up from where I was going. Good thing I had decided to take my time getting back. Now would be my chance! "Kyo is just a friend," I replied, tired of having to explain tha...

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chapter 18

I leaned my hand over my head as tried to watch the movie with out falling asleep,"Arata!" I heard I jumped up and turned to my right to see takashi glaring at me. "What?" I shrugged, "why aren't you making the moves on her?" He said I looke...

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