This is a story of love and tragedy. The Hollows follows the trials of a young demon hunter woman and a very special high school boy.

Lapaperninja and myself have put a lot of work into this story, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. We encourage comments, as it lets us know that you all like it.

Chapter 5

The shower, as he called it, was heavenly. The water pouring onto my face, off my shoulders, and down my back was so relaxing that I never wanted to get out. Shunsuke had pointed to some bottles on the side of the shower box and had called it some...

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Chapter 4

I watched as the teacher wrote down some problems, I was usually good at math but now I was out of it,I sighed and tried my best to focus on the work,thankfully school ended rather quickly. I headed straight for home,although I had nothing ...

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Chapter 3

The sun shining brightly overhead, the wind in my face, and Dia by my side. It seemed as though the day was going to be pretty great, considering what I was going to have to do. The kid, Shunsuke, and I were going to be meeting up rather soon. It ...

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Chapter 2

I walked down the halls of the school,my school bag hanging from my bag,I pushed the clear doors and exited I sighed and I walked straight home,I looked around too see the neighborhood it was awfully quiet,which was unusally rare to see since this...

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Chapter 1

he hood of my black jacket kept my eyes hidden from view, casting them in shadows. Peering over the fence, I made sure the coast was clear before I smoothly swung my long, tanned legs over the white, picket fence and landed gracefully on the other...

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