This is a story of love and tragedy. The Hollows follows the trials of a young demon hunter woman and a very special high school boy.

Lapaperninja and myself have put a lot of work into this story, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. We encourage comments, as it lets us know that you all like it.

Chapter 7

"Hey, is this seat taken?" a voice asked, catching my attention, startling me slightly. I was really on edge, and I needed to calm myself down. This kid wasn't after me. He had no idea what I had done. I looked up and shrugged, "No," I ans...

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Chapter 6

I walked to my mother who had a smile on her face, "your' father would have been proud Arata" my mother said as she held back tears a smile on her face, "Thanks mom" i said as i looked around for any possible sings of Naito. "I thought naito said ...

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Chapter 5

My feet took me to an abandoned park where I stopped to catch my breath. There was a clock a few feet away from the bench I was sitting on. It was only ten o'clock. How could so much blood be from spilled already? I looked into my shaking hands. W...

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Chapter 4

I listened as seiji talked to the group around me, "So arata are you going to the graduation after party?" He asked. "Yeah,I am" I answered, "Man are you in cloud nine or what?" I shook my head, "Senior year went by to fast," I answered as ...

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Chapter 3

The boy rounded the corner and pointed the gun at me. I had a bad feeling this was going to be it. But, the sirens could be heard in the distance, and the boy cast a glance behind him, through the windows to see how close they were to being here....

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