This is a story of love and tragedy. The Hollows follows the trials of a young demon hunter woman and a very special high school boy.

Lapaperninja and myself have put a lot of work into this story, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. We encourage comments, as it lets us know that you all like it.

chapter 83

"What are we discussing exactly?" Kiana said, hana sighed "what was the point of your training exactly?" She said. "Release hyaku of the curse?" She said "There you go!,now pay attencion" hana said as she began to intruct kian...

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Chapter 82

It was Hyaku's birthday today! I felt badly because I didn't know what to do for him. I figured that I could let him make one request of me and see where that took us. Koori had only told me last night that today was the big day, so I hadn't had a...

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chapter 81

I layed down on the bed, "I think koori just killed the mood" I muttered, "hey,am still here!" Koori said,I stood up a little to be able to see him. "It was meant for you to be heard" I said "hmph,anyways when you two are done cuddling each...

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Chapter 80

"Would you spend an eternity with the demon who captured you?" Hyaku asked as soon as Sora left the room, leaving us alone. I found the question surprising and a little silly at the same time. I hadn't expected him to ask, but why would I h...

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chapter 79

"Like I'd leave you." I said holding her close to me, I saw a shadow right in front of me, as I hugged kiana. I turned back to see ryo,the lord of the easter lands. "You Took quite the beating,son" he said I smiled weakly. "what are you d...

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