Chapter: 1

Avery was what everyone at school would call a perfect student, and even a perfect child, her grades were on top of her class, she was the daughter of a well known president of a company around town, and well she was the girlfriend to the school's president her life was good..but even she began to think it was too good to be true, within two months her relationship with him began to progress more and more even to the point were he asked her to give herself to him...that would prove to him she loved him as much as he did...when their 6 month anniversary was around she thought it would be a good idea to show him...after all she didn't want to be alone and she wanted to truly show the boy she had been crushing on since she was in middle school that she felt something.

What she didnt expect was this was gonna happen...

"N-no..It must be a mistake.."she said holding a pregnancy test her hand shaking from shock, she sighed as he put another pregnancy test and looked again at the results..a big positive...she bit her bottom lip as she chocked a sob.
She could tell him and mayve he will be okay...her parents wouldn't she knew 100% that they didnt want any shame on the family specially her father. But Yasuo he would be understanding...she had that hope after all he loved her thats why she had done this with him, "he will" she said putting a hand on her flat stomach.