Chapter 3

. The days passsed as I tried to get enough confidence to tell my boyfriend about it until I finally did...I knew from the back of my head he wasnt gonna be happy but what he told was just heartbreaking.
"I don't want it..get a abortion...or get rid of it" he said as he remained seatted on one lf the benches of the school.
"But..I.." I spoke up and shook my head " I cant..I wont we did this...we should take responsibility! " I said turning to look at him for the first time since I asked him to meet me here to discuss this.
He looked at me and laughed softly " Avery...We?..whats this we? wanted it so dont bring me down with it,'s over. .it was fun while it , lasted but I dont want a pregnant girl nor a child" he said as he walked off, I watched as his silhouette slowly dissapeared. I closed my eyes as teaes slowly fell down my pale skin, my hands turning into fists, I tried to remain strong but the realisation that I was noe alone in all this hit mem and yet this wasn't even the end of it I had to tell my parents about it... and I knew very well already what their amswer was gonna be.

As expected thay same day I told them about it, my father was furious, my mother the same but she had a look of worry sadness and anger, my mother sent me to my room as she and my father talked, it felt like years just to wait and see what they deside to do with me. .since they knew I wouln't have a abortion after I mentioned it, a few minutes later the door opened.

My father stood there anger and sadness mixed together" Sorry Avery but your mother and I desided for you to move with your grandmother out into the country..until you finish all your studies...if you want to keep that kid then do it on your sorry but you have to face the consequences with doing something like this." She stared at her father her mother lookimg the other way.
"Alright. ." She said with a low voice
"You have a week to pack and , do everything you need your grandmother knows.." he saod as he closed the door.

Amd just like that I stared at the door dumbly as if it was talking to me. .this all felt like a bad dream I never hoped or knew this was gonna happen to me. I always wamted a family but when I was married and older.

And just like that I was left at my grandmothers doorstep in the country side of Germany it was not more or less than two weeks later, I sighed to myself i was rather fine with it now, it hurt at first to see the person who was my boyfriend a day later after we had broken up with another and my parents leaving me....but I was alright I was gonna be strong for myself and the child I will give birth too.
"Avery you want too go eat? need the food specially now" she said as she watched my parents drive off. Turning to look at her I smiled nodding "I could really use a milkshake...or a burger" I said as my grandmother nodded " good I know the place. .they will open soon its better to go gets packed she said as we walked there just in time to watch the door open.