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Oh the joys of automated answering services

It's is truly entertaining listening to someone speak to the automated service answering machines, despite how annoying it is to the person speaking to it. My dad is currently speaking to one right now, and I would think he's annoyed, he's trying to find out the price for getting his Band Saw motor replaced, and it hasn't exactly been working, he's been disconnected four times. So here's a question: do you enjoy talking to the automated services? I for one don't, not that I talk on the phone a lot, but still, they are truly annoying.

Nothing like a little pizza, but where's the movie?

Alright, so I am currently helping with making dinner, though obviously I took a break to come on here lol XD. And so my family's having home-made pizza, that stuff is way better than Little Caesars, but it's practically on par with Pizza Hut. So anyway, I'm also in a movie craze, and naturally with the pizza I want to watch a movie *is a movie addict*. But the problem is, I don't know what movie. Normally my family has to agree on said movie, so it can't be Up since we just watched it the other day. Though I sort of want to watch it again, but I know my family doesn't like watching the same movie over, and over again. Lol, Now I go back to helping, so I'm done rambling for now.

What is Darkness?

Suffocating, dreary, close, terrifying, and capable of making the strongest succumb to it. That is darkness, it is a place where few want to go, yet some travel there, either out of fear, or loss of self. To some it may seem like refuge, a place to get away from all they don't like, loathe, so they turn to the darkness in hopes of making them stronger, and fuel their desire for what they hope to accomplish. To Others, it is a place they never want to go to. They see the darkness a tread away from it for it is nothing but a Valley of the Shadows of Death. And they instead turn to the Light, and reach out for those who are in the darkness. But some cling to the darkness, like a babe to its blanket. Never wanting to part with it, afraid that if they leave they will leave their very selves behind. The Darkness draws people to itself, like a moth to the flame. Showing whatever it needs to cover another life in the dark place, drawing people away from the Light. Suffocating, dreary, close, terrifying, and capable of making the strongest succumb to it. That is Darkness.

To all my current subscribers

Thank you for subscribing! It really mean a lot to me. And so, to thank all of my subscribers, I will be doing art for you. Just post a comment saying what you want and it shall be done again thanks a bunch.


Wolf Quest

Ok, so recently I downloaded the new episode of Wolf Quest, it's called Survival Of The Pack. And I can only say one thing about it: It is waaaaayyyy harder than the first one, first you have to find a den, then the pups just pop up automatically. Then you have to protect them from whatever would think of harming them, while trying to get enough food for the pups, and keeping other wolves out of your territory. I have just been recently taking a break from it, and now I go back to playing it,