Welcome to the world of me . in this world all i do is update on my day to day expirneces and to let people know when i am going to be putting new artwork up and to update on certain anime's to watch because im sure that everyone knows that there are some random anime's out there i mean wow LOL!!!

Anyway i hope that everyone like what i have to and your responses and comments would be epic and awsome as i would like to know your personal feed back and also if you have any ideas or any new anime that is comming out i would love to know as i am craving to find a new epic anime to watch.

O yeah almost forgot just a little bit of details about myself i am from Cape Town and yes that is in Africa and before anyone asks we dont have lions running around outside my house, we have game parks for that sort of thing and Cape Town is on the southern tip of Africa so awsome and living right by the sea is amazing. Anyway i am studing I.T and have a passion for graphic design. I enjoy drawing and making wallpapers, drawing style is alot different from anime as i like to draw tattoos more than anime. Thats pretty much it hey i hope that everyone enjoys my art and the world

If you want me on Facebook just look up scott sheeran and make sure its in South Africa Cape Town.

Have a Rocking Day Everyone!!!


Hey everyone i like to thank everyone for the support once more you guys have been so awsome!!!! i have another thing that im going to try out in a couple of days and i hope that you guys really like them im going to start making vectors me and my friend justicewhale are going to start making vectors so that some of you peeps may want to use them in your wallies or anything else that you want.

we are only starting but there are many more to come and the more we practice we can only get better right so i hope that everyone likes them and enjoys them just donr forget to include the artists name for the vector thanks we appriciate it big time and thats pretty much it hey guys.

O right yeah almost forgot got another couple of wallpapers up and going to upload some more today so i hope everyone likes them.

enjoy! and have a rocking day everyone


Hey everyone im glad to see that everyone is liking the new wallpapers that i have been making the feed back that i have been getting has been awsome thank you so much really makes my day to see people enjoy the work that i have created.

Just to let everyone know that i am going to be submitting another three wallpapers and if there are specific sort of anime wallpapers that you might want me to make i would love to hear them. Always want new ideas to create new art i also heard that some people like the full metal alchemist, so i am going to be making some more of them and im going to be making some black lagoon wallpapers such an awsome anime omg!!! lol!!!

Anyway thank you so much for all your support and i hope that you have a fanstastic day

More Wallies!!!

Hey everyone i have put up another two wallpapers i hope that you like them lol i had a little fun with the soul eater one lol i hope that it isn't to weird for everyone i mean i love soul eater one of thee most awsome animes ever although the ending was a bit disapointting, but besides that it was flippen awsome!!!

JUst trying something different would like to know what you think about it and be honest i really dont mind guys lol!! i hope that you like them

O and decided to change my avatar thought it was time for a change and something new

Enjoy the wallpapers guys and have a rocking day!!!1

The wonderful world of wireless

Hey everyone i have some exciting news i have finally activited and set up my wireless on my laptop yay!!! how awsome is that now i can put my designs on once they are done instead of waiting really long because im very lazy lol!!!. Ok maybe its not that exciting, bbut im happy that i finally got it set its going to save me so much trouble now thank god!!!! lol and it wwasn't as hard as i thought it was going to be in the first place lol!!!!

well thats my excitment for the day i hope that everyone likes the new angel beats wallpaper i did lol i think its pretty pimp lol.

have a rocking day!!!

Dont you just hate it!!!

i know this is nothing to really put on my wall but i dont really have much to type now a days seeing that im so busy studing and stuff, but i just thought of this yesturday and i found out that i really hate it lol!!!

Dont you just hate it when you run out of things to watch its so flippen annoying omg!!! and then you have to wait flippen ages to get like one episode of something lol!! the only reason y i am typing this is because i have run out of fairy tail to watch im at the latest episode and i have to wait for the next one to come out lol...so frustrating and its getting so flippen good!!!!

Im actually a bit stuck now because i want to watch another series of anime but i dono which one i should watch lol so if anyone has some really good suggestions that would be epic!!! just leave the name and a short description of the anime would be very well appriciated.

Well thats my rant for the day i hope you enjoyed it lol have a rocking day!!!!