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A message to the guest posters

Redraw! The first comic I ever PLANNED

Hey guys! I recently noticed this really cool challenge!Redraw it!

I think it's pretty cool because I wanted to redraw a comic I once planned but had too many ideas and was never able to like make them make sense so even though I drew a ton of characters and what not I never formalized it.

First problem was I was never able to come up with a title! XDDD back then I was taking a science class about the environment in High School and was inspired enough to want to create a comic about how nature would some day take revenge on us XDDDD looool

The main character was going to be a girl with blue hair and blue shorts, she was going to have a strong character but be like chill and cool with everyone. Another character was gonna be the weirdo from class. A girl with really long hair covering her face. None of the characters had names either... lol

One day the main character got assigned to do a science project with the weird girl who didn't talk to anyone and missed class constantly. So the main character went to the other girl's house to work on the project. The weird girl is reluctant to let the girl in but she does. She warns her about things and about not to do SOMETHING (sadly I was sort of never able to come up with the something) but thing is the main character ended up accidentally doing it anyway so there's a massive nuclear explosion that messes up the entire world causing everything to become polluted and a mess! But alas! Humans survived! But now they're in big trouble. Not to mention nature now had unleash its mind of its own that had always suppressed! So all kinds of things were happening. But mostly everything was desolate, gray and there was no water because nature wasn't gonna share. After the explosion the main character wakes up to find the other girl needs immediate medical attention and is unconscious and not coming back. Guilt strikes! So she embarks on a journey to revert all the damage she has caused! Somewhere along the way she meets Mother Nature, and here comes another problem I had. I could not make up my mind about Mother Nature.

I had 4 ideas:

1. She could be one of the main character's school friends who had been oblivious of her own identity all along until the accident happened. Then she would go about and identify herself but would the main character believe her? And would she be able to make nature listen to her?

2. She could be a fairy who would randomly run into the main character and they would join forces and fix the accident

3. The school friend was Mother Nature and once she realized this she would turn into a fairy

4. The girl was mother nature but she had a fairy helper.

I never decided but doodled both. I did a redraw of the fairy Mother Nature for a different contest. Feel free to take a look here: CLICK!

Another important character was going to be Pollution. An evil creature born during the explosion and the ultimate antagonist of the story. Also the one to blame for the way nature was acting, no longer listening to Mother Nature.

Somehow all the characters would defeat it, restore the weird girl back to health, the main character would change her pants to a skirt and the weird girl would cut her hair and befriend the rest of the girls in class lol the End! I remember the weird girl would be key for the restoration of planet Earth and that she would hold some kind of power too but I never got that sorted out in my brain.

Now that I have written all my old thoughts down I'm getting some ideas of how I could tie all this up and decisions I could make for the story. It actually sounds like a fun, funny story to write lol

Finally, here's the old pic with the characters! My art was awful in HS! I have really had to take art seriously to make the progress I've made... TT_TT lol

Tomorrow is THE DEADLINE!!!

If any of you wanted to participate you have until tomorrooooooooow! So HURRY!!!

I just finished an ecard that I will dedicate to the winner! If I have time I'll make another one for the second place eventually

Click this link to enter the contest: X





Just writing to remind you that we have the fifth annual Excel in Cipherland contest going! Please Join!

So far we have 2 entries and they are both very pretty:

External Image

External Image

I plan to continue posting new pages. I recently moved so I'm waiting for my desk and my scanner to be delivered. Those movers have taken forever! Shame on them. It's been 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading and participating guys! Your support is always very appreciated. If you have questions about the contest or anything just let me know

Red Trophy


I finally have a red trophy!!! XDDDDDD

The ecards trophy!

Today I finally made it to 100 cards XD

It's funny that my 100th card is actually really special and dear to me, because I'm moving really far from where I was living this time and it's forever this time too. It's great that that's the card that got me my very wanted red trophy. For some reason I had always wanted a red trophy XDDD

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