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A message to the guest posters

Growing Crystals

Hey everyone! It's been a while! But I'm alive and well!! So a looooong time ago I told you all I ordered a growing crystals kit on ebay. Well guess what? I did it right away but those crystals took their sweet time to grow and in the meantime I became extremely busy and never did this post! Now check out mah crytals:

The kit isn't very good because the instructions are pretty vague. Luckily people post everything on YT. If you get this kit you can check out this video. However I wouldn't suggest the use of all those rocks just let crystals grow on whatever you choose as your base to get big crystals. I used the display rocks the kit comes with but I regretted it the the crystals that formed on top of it where small and fell off. Meanwhile the ones that formed on the base of the plastic lid are big and great! Now I wanna do something with my crystals but I'm not sure of what!! Leave your suggestions on the comment box, please!!! Thanks for reading!!! See you soon. Gotta get to posting Excel in Cipherland pages again!!!

Congrats, Nikkeh09!!!

Hi guyz! Contest's over... Sadly we only had one entry however it was a very good entry!!! Why? Because I had always wanted to make that specific entry but had never had the courage 'cause I thought the grid and everything would be too hard for me!('Cause I'm not the best artist in the world, lol) So thanks Nikkeh!! For your entry and for doing that specific activity!! Yay!! I'll post it on the activity book soon enough!!

Hope to see more entries next year!!

Nikkeh's activity:

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Heeey guyz! Just to remind you that my challenge, Excel in Cipherland activity contest ends on September second so if you want to participate you don't have that many days! Hurry and submit your entry today!

An owl pellet adventure

Heeeey guys!!! It's finally here!!! My owl pellet!! Look at the kit!! So cool!!

External Image

It was only $4.95!! So if you never had the chance to do this you must!! Because it is fun!

This is a pellet (and my hand):

External Image

A work in progress, getting all those bones out of that pellet(owl puke!!):

External Image

External Image

Bleaching the bones:

External Image

My collection of bones! I was quite disappointed~ No skulls, booo!! No nothing! I wanted an entire skeleton. But still, it was pretty exciting! Looking at the bone chart I'm pretty sure that owl had swallowed a baby bird. Baby, because the bones were very small and fragile. Bird, because of the shape of the bones and the massive amount of feathers in the pellet.

External Image

So what did I do with all those bones??? I kept them! Now they're all safe and sound inside a tin container. Hehehe. This was so much fun! And it actually motivated me to get something I had always wanted!!! A growing crystals kit!! Even though by now I've done A LOT of crystallizations, hehe. But I had always wanted one of those colorful kits!! I ordered it recently so I'm still waiting for it. It was only $4.19!!! Yay for cheap science fun!!

So how about you? Have you ever had an owl pellet adventure or a growing crystals kit??

My last Organic Chemistry lab

Hey people! This semester I took Organic Chemistry part 2. Was it fun? Yeah. Was it hard? Oh dear.

The sad part is I don't think I took that many pics. But let's work with what we have! But I'll keep it simple this time!

This semester was all about synthesis, which is an extremely interesting concept! And what is synthesis exactly? Well the general definition is combining things to make something, but unified. So what is it in chemistry, exactly??? It's when we form a more complicated substance, or crystals(ooh), from simpler compounds or elements. It's fun and awe-inspireing!!

Here I'll post some examples:

This experiment was messy.
Title: Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Ferrocene: Acetylferrocene

We used Ferrocene + Acetic Anhydride to get Acetylferrocene as our product!

External Image

Haha this one looks like lava!
External Image

Product ready to be purified!
External Image

We used column chromatography to do so.
External Image

External Image

Purified product. Not as much as in the beginning, haha. Our purified product was always such a small amount...
External Image

Now for my personal favorite!!

Title: Photochemistry: The Synthesis of Benzopinacol

And then with that product we did part two of the experiment: Pinacolone Rearrangement

Now for some pics!

Beautiful, isn't it? After this reaction was initiated by light beautiful crystals formed in the solution!!!
External Image

External Image

Product ready to be purified.(Pretty, isn't it?):
External Image

So what crystallization, synthesis or any othert chemistry adventures have you had? Ever made something explode? ;)