Hello everyone! This is a world dedicated to my Comic, Excel in Cipherland! Here I'll be posting things related to my Comic Book! And other things! I hope you enjoy reading Excel in Cipherland and that you also enjoy coming here! Comments and constructive critcism are always welcome!!! Have fun!

A message to the guest posters

The perfect icon!

O.k! I loved this comment, by Sena, so much that I made it into an icon!!! Because it was sooo funny and cool!! Look at it:

Feel free to use it, I'll probably use it somewhere. Not sure if here or another account somewhere. Time will tell!! But prolly another account 'cause I'm so attached to my icon. Plus if I use it somewhere else people will be like: "What's EIC?" and I'll be like: "Oh, a comic book. Why don't you go read it, HERE

"Oh what was that? You already read that volume? Did you know there's a second one? It's HERE"


See ya guys! You're all great! (I should totally make more E.I.C icons!! But with the characters' faces!! Many Many Many projects to come people!!

The Competish is Afoot!

Heeeeeeeeey!!! We finally got an entry on the E.I.C Challenge!!

Isn't this GREAT??? You see it's not that hard. Just activity with E.I.C theme. Simple as that.

This awesome entry was done by, nikkeh09. Thanks nikkeh09!!!

Hyperbola's hair-do. What is it?

Hey!! For those who have never been able to understand what is that thing on the back of Hyperbola's head. Well it was meant to be something like this:

Why in this world did I ever decide on such an un-fancy hair-do for Hyperbola? I don't know. Probably because I liked Hawkeye? What was the worst part of all this? Because back then (when I began writing/drawing E.I.C), I had no idea of what I was doing I did't even look at hawkeye to draw Hyperbola's hairstyle I just did it thinking about it and the result was, well... that. Then I got so used to drawing it than I never even thought of hawkeye again until recently. I decided to look at a pic of Hawkeye for reference and well I wasn't THAT off but there's more detail on Hawkeyes hairstyle, you know it looks more like hair than a thing on the back of her head! But anyway just wanted to show you guys what Hyperbola's hairstyle was meant to be.

Of course Hyperbola and all the other characters have evolved a lot but this is still her hairstyle, except that with time I changed it a little, to make it look more like hair I made it longer on the hair over the pin that holds all the hair together. Teehee. Yeah!

Oh! Guess what guys!!! I already have two more activities that I want to do for the E.I.C activity book!! But I won't make them until the contest is over, just in case one of you has the same idea and does it! Anyway!! Don't forget to participate!! It's FUN!!!!

Kinda wish I could offer real gifts. I've been thinking about that, for the next contest, maybe? If I can come up with something good and have the money for the shipping. That's the problem. Money is always the problem. lol

Cow's eye!

O.k since I wasn't able to post more images in my last post and the cow's eye is great plus I got a really good question about it on my last post, here!! Two more pics!!!

The cow's lens:

External Image

The cow's lens over a letter, isn't that cool???

External Image

Well enjoy!! Keep talking about your dissection experiences!!

A compilation of dissections

Hey! Hey!!! It's another science post! But think twice before scrolling down! I decided to post the less disgusting pictures but I know some people are squeamish when it comes to this topic!!!

(That's my knee, teehee. At the biology lab)

O.k! Let's begin!!! My Biology laboratory this semester was almost completely dedicated to DISSECTIONS!!!! Tons of animals and internal organs!! Whoppee!! I'm telling you these labs inspire me to continue learning!!!

The first thing we dissected was the classic frog!!! (You know, it's too bad we have a limit as to how many pics we can post here---)

External Image

This was a DREAM come true!!! Some call this animal cruelty, though~~~ Sorry~~~

Next was the sheep's brain!!

External Image

External Image

Enjoy the white and gray matter!!!

After we were finished doing the dissections the professor would always let us do further exploration with the specimen or organ or whatever so we decided to cut the brain into little pieces. Once we opened the brain it basically looked the same everywhere. Brains are really soft. Like play dough, kinda. It was a lot of fun!! Poor sheep. But people eat sheep too!! (Me=vegetarian, this was for science!!. Lol. No one cares I know, hehehe)

External Image

I present to you! The cerebellum! Enjoy!! The prof who gave the class (not the lab) said the cerebellum looks like cabbagge. Lol~~~

Third dissection! A cow's eye!!!

External Image

External Image

This was a lot prettier in real life! Too bad my camera sucks~~~

Fourth, the pig's kidney!!! Ooooh!!

External Image

Fifth, kinda gross~~~ The RAT:

External Image

Sixth, the pig's fetus:

External Image

It was HUGE. This made me sad, but still EXTREMELY interesting!

External Image

The insides...

So how about you??? What crazy dissections did you have to make in school or during your college years??? Share your thoughts!! Share your pics!!! Share your experience!! And don't forget to participate in the Excel in Cipherland Contest!. (Don't worry, it can be something simple~~ )