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A message to the guest posters

OMG! I turned into Parabola!! lol!

Useless post

So my mom has been getting me a lot of mini bows lately because I love that sorta thing and I happen to have what I consider to be a large amount by now so I was like: "What if I put them all in my head at the same time? I'll look just like Parabola!! WOW! lol" So I did it and took pics and here it is!! Kinda like a cheap Parabola Cosplay 'cause I have brown hair and all my bows are different. The black one in one of the pics makes my head look weird, lol...

External Image

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Organic Chemistry

Hey guys! Remember when I used to do those posts on the stuff I did at the labs? Well here's another one. My semester starts on the 15th so.............

Wow, I've been in college for so long it's getting boring....................

This is the micro kit

External Image

Orange peels to get Limonene

External Image

Steam distillation device, we get the Limonene from the orange peels doing this type of distillation

External Image

Our sample!

External Image

Column Chromatography, using this method we separated an ink mixture into the original colors, blue and yellow

External Image

Thin layer Chromatography, same concept as column chromatography but a different procedure and I'd dare say different purpose, maybe?

Chromatography and Steam distillation were my favorite experiments!

The first comic book I EVER did!

Whoa! Judging from how UGLY E.I.C began you'd think the first comic book I EVER did was Excel in Cipherland! But noooo! Before E.I.C there was an EVEN uglier comic book. So ugly I threw it away... I was looking for it last summer so I could take pictures of it and post it here when it suddenly came to me! I took the comic to school showed it to my friends they read it and liked it, sadly my frienemy saw it and read it too, he gave useless comments I went home. Sometime later I threw it away. It was just SOOOO messy!!!!! I didn't even use a ruler! And let's not get into proportion 'cause if you think I'm waaaaaaaay off todayt just imagine back then in 2008-2009!!!!!!! Yeah my last H.S year!

So! Since I threw it away but came to regre it I decided to draw what would be a cover for the only volume I would make it in nowadays if I did.

The main characters looked closely like that but smaller and skinnier. As always the good main character is in her jammies (yeah, while drawing this I realized that my first and second comic "heroines" are bothe in their jammies). The antagonist was the girl wearing black.

Title: Sight

Main characters: Lina(Heroine)/Can't remember(antagonist)

Original volumes: Volume 1(only like 6pgs)/ Volume 2 (only like 18 pgs)

Plot: Lina is a 16 year old girl who somehow gains the ability to have heat vision, she had a hard time controlling it and destroys everything but makes strange friends and everything gets better, lol. That's kinda how the first volume went.... As for the second volume, well it went something like this: The antagonist shows up for the first time and steals Lina's eyes. Lina obviously becomes blind and wonders into the forest where she meets her old forest friends agian. Later the antagonist kidnaps her and takes her to her dimension (uh... does that sound familiar? lol) where she makes her go through a bunch of childish things somehow Lina gets her eyes back they fight... Blah blah. THe antagonist had a diamonds related power where a lot of diamonds came out of her hands and she'd attack with that. Then we realize that the antagonistt just wanted to play with someone or have a friend and she chose Lina. The end.

So yeah! Sight! was very different from EIC but it had some basic elements I guess that's bound to happen since I'm the writer of both, lol!

This cover was fun to make because I used colored pens for parts of the outline and then colored it Sai!!!!! First thing I ever draw by hand and then color in Sai I always use gimp for this kinda thing! However the rest of the editing was done in Gimp!

Acid David has arrived and he is safe!

Aaaaaaaaah!!! Acid David has finally arrived!!! Thank you, KK Slider!!! You're the best! He looks so good. He looks even better in person! Love the details and how the head is very symmetric!

Now Acid David is an official new decoration in my new room! (I moved recently)

Hooray Acid David!!! Thanks, again & FOREVER!!!

*For those who don't know who Acid David is, he is a supporting character from Excel in Cipherland!

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E.I.C Popularity Contest! (What's your choice?)

O.k everyone! Let's have some fun with the official Excel in Cipherland popularity contest! Please access the poll here and vote now! At the poll you'll see a #1 at the end of the question, just ignore it. It's a typo...

Please participate of the popularity contest and have fun!!!


When I get enough results I will either post them here or in the 1st volume E.I.C, because this is a popularity contest based on the characters of the first volume. I will later and hopefully make a 2nd popularity contest!