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A message to the guest posters

Cow's eye!

O.k since I wasn't able to post more images in my last post and the cow's eye is great plus I got a really good question about it on my last post, here!! Two more pics!!!

The cow's lens:

External Image

The cow's lens over a letter, isn't that cool???

External Image

Well enjoy!! Keep talking about your dissection experiences!!

A compilation of dissections

Hey! Hey!!! It's another science post! But think twice before scrolling down! I decided to post the less disgusting pictures but I know some people are squeamish when it comes to this topic!!!

(That's my knee, teehee. At the biology lab)

O.k! Let's begin!!! My Biology laboratory this semester was almost completely dedicated to DISSECTIONS!!!! Tons of animals and internal organs!! Whoppee!! I'm telling you these labs inspire me to continue learning!!!

The first thing we dissected was the classic frog!!! (You know, it's too bad we have a limit as to how many pics we can post here---)

External Image

This was a DREAM come true!!! Some call this animal cruelty, though~~~ Sorry~~~

Next was the sheep's brain!!

External Image

External Image

Enjoy the white and gray matter!!!

After we were finished doing the dissections the professor would always let us do further exploration with the specimen or organ or whatever so we decided to cut the brain into little pieces. Once we opened the brain it basically looked the same everywhere. Brains are really soft. Like play dough, kinda. It was a lot of fun!! Poor sheep. But people eat sheep too!! (Me=vegetarian, this was for science!!. Lol. No one cares I know, hehehe)

External Image

I present to you! The cerebellum! Enjoy!! The prof who gave the class (not the lab) said the cerebellum looks like cabbagge. Lol~~~

Third dissection! A cow's eye!!!

External Image

External Image

This was a lot prettier in real life! Too bad my camera sucks~~~

Fourth, the pig's kidney!!! Ooooh!!

External Image

Fifth, kinda gross~~~ The RAT:

External Image

Sixth, the pig's fetus:

External Image

It was HUGE. This made me sad, but still EXTREMELY interesting!

External Image

The insides...

So how about you??? What crazy dissections did you have to make in school or during your college years??? Share your thoughts!! Share your pics!!! Share your experience!! And don't forget to participate in the Excel in Cipherland Contest!. (Don't worry, it can be something simple~~ )

Black bra, seriously?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Everybody! Guess what?! Tomorrow, July 18, 2014 is the third Excel in Cipherland anniversary!!! But because tomorrow I'll be busy I've decided to celebrate it today! Sadly I won't be able to celebrate it the way I wanted to., with an animated video!!! I was planning to do a still animation video to celebrate but I failed because I don't get Sony Vegas pro 13 at all... Stupid events!!! One day I will learn! (What I don't get is the thing with the little diamonds to make the images rotate and such! It's soooo frustrating!!!)

So how am I going to celebrate it??? With a little story about an E.I.C mega OOPS! regarding Hyperbola.

O.k so one time, last year, someone in my family was looking at a picture of Hyperbola and you know what she asked me: "Why does she have a black bra on her skirt?" and I'm like "oh God"... You all know Hyperbola has a little design on her skirt and she wears the same thing on her head. The first time I drew all of this I did it with the intention of it being a ribbon that at the same time looked like sort of a butterfly but I didn't want butterfly 100% because butterflies are kinda corny (no offense). I was going for something ribbony-abstract, lol new term! But um well if I don't know how to draw very well these days just imagine back then~~~ So now for the bra test!

Does this look like a bra? I think not.

But anyway this was all pretty funny so I made this funny ecard!

Aside that, please don't forget to participate on the E.I.C activity contest for a hance to have your very own page here, X

A better explanation of what you can do in the contest:

I want you to feel free to go crazy! Just DON'T REPEAT ANY of the activities already have in the book. If it's not in it you can go for whatever as long as it's not something disturbing, follow the rules.

For example you can go for crafts, humor, experiments, or just more coloring book activities. And remember you need to somehow make it Excel in cipherlandy, be it with decorations on the page or just the nature of the activity. And remember! If you somehow make your activity math related you also get extra points(but make it good, and still relate it to E.i.C)!!!! If you find all of this confusing submit whatever and see what happens, yay!!!

Thanks Everyone!

Aww! My latest acquisition! Regarding Excel in Cipherland fanart! A beautiful chibi of Hyperbola, by my dear friend SmallxLady. Thanks again, SmallxLady!

External Image
I am FREAKING!!!!!!! This new piece of E.I.C fanart is gorgeous, original and VERY creative!!!! It's an Acid David clay FIGURE!!!!!!!!! Whoa!!! Thanks KK Slider!!!

External Image


Just updating this post! I've decided to post everything related to Excel in Cipher in one way or the other that is sent to me. So today I'm posting this awesome fanart of Chibi izuzu (me!!!) that kodatheshihtzu101 did for me and an awesome video (a math-related song)moonlit_dream sent me! If you like math, you should watch it because it's funny!
Everyone's been so nice! This is a collection of beautiful fanarts based on my characters from:Excel in Cipherland! Thanks everyone!

External Image External Image External Image External Image External Image
External Image

Agatha's Baby Shower

Welcome to Agatha's baby shower! You all already know she had triplets from the peek into the future we got here.

Here's Agatha's ultra sound (lol):

External Image

These were the gifts the little judge gave them during the party (Yes, they are gag gifts! But don't worry, their family and friends gave them real gifts):

External Image

External Image

Oh! And check this out:

External Image

Agatha actually had three boys! Their names are: Biot, Savart and Maxwell!!! Welcome them to the world!

Anyway! I hope you enjoed the baby shower!

Now check this out! You know how I tend to use sketch up blocks for backgrounds but I get them at the Warehouse ? Because I know very little of sketch up? Well I actually bothered to watch some videos and learned some REALLY useful stuff! Check them out if you like sketch up too but know nothing of it like me!

The dress was hard!! I never got it 100% right~~~ Do any of you know of other better 3D modeling programs? More user friendly? Although to be honest I think Sketch up is MEGA user friendly I just don't practice enough! lol! Having the warehouse at my finger tips makes me lazy!

See you soon guys!!!