Hello everyone! This is a world dedicated to my Comic, Excel in Cipherland! Here I'll be posting things related to my Comic Book! And other things! I hope you enjoy reading Excel in Cipherland and that you also enjoy coming here! Comments and constructive critcism are always welcome!!! Have fun!

A message to the guest posters

TAIYAKI & ODANGO Kit Happy Kitchen Japanese Candy kit

Happy Kitchen! Happy Kitchen! Anything with the word happy must be good! And this product certainly was!!

If you wanna have some real fun pretending to cook buy this!! It's really cheap and worth it! I had so much fun! I felt such a strange kind of fulfillment and happiness! <3
XD This is where I got it from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kracie-TAIYAKI-ODANGO-Making-Kit-Popin-Cookin-Happy-Kitchen-Japanese-Candy-kit-/111776101322?hash=item1a065ff3ca:g:kcQAAOSwG-1Wu-RR

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY!!! And have fun! I know do it yourself candy doesn't always taste super good but this one does!

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AAAAAAAAAAH why no one reading Excel in Cipherland? What went wrong? What don't you like? I will not change the story because it is what it is but I wanna know! XDDDD Or are ya'll just waiting to see if some day I finish posting the whole thing for real so you can read it in peace? XDDDD

You know I'm still not over the shock that they took our ecards away, which has inspired me to hurry up and post faster! Apparently they also took the chat room away, you know?!?!! And I'm like what if the next thing they take from us is the comics?! What will I do?! Where will I go? This has always and forever will be Excel in Cipherland's home! I will never give up! I will finish Excel in Cipherland no matter whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! And then we'll have a big party! Hahahhaha

Now either go read E.I.C or check out the rest of my pics from the candy kiiiit :DDDDDDD or both! lol haha

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UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!! This was soooooooooooo hard!!! What am I talking about? The excel in Cipherland drawing contest! You're all winners in my book but I had to pick 3.

Here's the results:

First place:
External Image

Zuzu this could not be more perfect! You did an excellent job with the color/anatomy/movement everything was perfect and to top it all off you bothered to include two characters!!! Congrats!

Second place:
External Image

Byakuyarox!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited that you participated in this challenge! I had always wanted to see my characters in this style! And I'm so excited you were creative enough to dress Agnes in an original outfit and to add a little bit of advertisement on her jacket! How cool is that?! Those special touches are one of the things I'm always craving for in a contest.

Third place:
External Image
Mootouman! Your style just keeps getting better and better!!! This Parabola is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicate and beautiful! Those eyes! OMG that scythe!!!!!!!!!!!!! The coloring everything is just WOW

Honorable mentions:
External Image

Avalon! I love what you did with the fabric and I love the pose!!! Great job!

External Image

Animelover! You're the first person to ever make an entry on this character!!! Congrats! And this scene? Please you killed me! You made my day! Thank you!! Plus you were the only one with an actual background ;)

The other entries were EXCELLENT too! Parabola technically won a popularity contest this year! Excel you are no longer the favorite one haha. Check out the other entries! SO BEAUTIFUL YOU GUYZZZZ THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wish I could tag ppl here like in fb(lol)
So guys! Don't forget next year you all get another chance to participate in the Excel in Cipherland contest once again! Will it be fanart part 3 or will it be something else? Stick around theO to find out!

No Scanner

Hey guyz! Have you noticed how I posted like five pages and then stopped it's because I've been living in Georgia since May and sadly I don't have a scanner here so I can't keep scanning pages Then ones I posted were pages I had already scanned. So in the meantime I've inked 2 pages and intend to continue inking so when I go back hopefully I'll be able to scan/edit and publish! So sorry about this... But PLEASE!! Don't forget THE CONTEST! Make it really hard for me to decide who the winners will be hahaha! Yep keep them entries coming! They're always so beautiful and they make me so happy! So yeah hope to see more than 6 entries soon!

E.I.C Drawing Contest 2!!!

Hey GUYS!!!!!!!! It's that time of the year!!! When we celebrate Excel in Cipherland's Anniversary!!! By holding an amazing contest!!! So if you can make the time, join us! It's worth it!

If you don't know what we're talking about check out the contest you'll find plenty of links to the comics and things, The Contest

Drawings that would make me very happy in this year's contest would be:
1. Victoria Hyperbola
2. Valerie Hyperbola
3. All three Hyperbolas
4. Agnes, (I thought someone had dedicated me an Agnes once but I can find it, if it was you send me the link please!! I'm gonna have to start saving all the pics you guys dedicate me because ppl be deleting their art and accounts and it makes me sad STOP IT!!! lol)
5. The nurses
6. Anything extremely original

Look at some amazing works done by some awesome artists here at TheO:

I found this in a world post moonlit dream did a long time ago! It was such a nice surprise! She looks so much better than the actual Amnesia (a character that has yet to be featured in the comic cause I'm slow)

This other one was also an extremely nice surprise! Eternally grateful to Alchemic Mushroom. Her Excel drawing is just PERFECT!!! And CUTE. For a full view click on the picture!! It's worth it.

External Image

So far in the contest we have TWO Parabolas!!! And they are both great! Check 'em out and get inspired to submit your own Excel in Cipherland art!

External Image

I love the detail on Parabola's leg. I should've done that on my original design as well lol. This lady was drawn by avalongirl9. She draws a great comic too. Check it out.

External Image

This one was made by animelover5000! Love the way she aligned the bows on Parabola's dress, looks great! There are just so many things you can do with Parabola's outfit.

Good job guys!!! Keep it up! You're the best! I wanna see a lot more entries!!! And I wanna see myself posting a lot more pages! Hahaha

Black bra, seriously?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Everybody! Guess what?! Tomorrow, July 18, 2014 is the third Excel in Cipherland anniversary!!! But because tomorrow I'll be busy I've decided to celebrate it today! Sadly I won't be able to celebrate it the way I wanted to., with an animated video!!! I was planning to do a still animation video to celebrate but I failed because I don't get Sony Vegas pro 13 at all... Stupid events!!! One day I will learn! (What I don't get is the thing with the little diamonds to make the images rotate and such! It's soooo frustrating!!!)

So how am I going to celebrate it??? With a little story about an E.I.C mega OOPS! regarding Hyperbola.

O.k so one time, last year, someone in my family was looking at a picture of Hyperbola and you know what she asked me: "Why does she have a black bra on her skirt?" and I'm like "oh God"... You all know Hyperbola has a little design on her skirt and she wears the same thing on her head. The first time I drew all of this I did it with the intention of it being a ribbon that at the same time looked like sort of a butterfly but I didn't want butterfly 100% because butterflies are kinda corny (no offense). I was going for something ribbony-abstract, lol new term! But um well if I don't know how to draw very well these days just imagine back then~~~ So now for the bra test!

Does this look like a bra? I think not.

But anyway this was all pretty funny so I made this funny ecard!

Aside that, please don't forget to participate on the E.I.C activity contest for a hance to have your very own page here, X

A better explanation of what you can do in the contest:

I want you to feel free to go crazy! Just DON'T REPEAT ANY of the activities already have in the book. If it's not in it you can go for whatever as long as it's not something disturbing, follow the rules.

For example you can go for crafts, humor, experiments, or just more coloring book activities. And remember you need to somehow make it Excel in cipherlandy, be it with decorations on the page or just the nature of the activity. And remember! If you somehow make your activity math related you also get extra points(but make it good, and still relate it to E.i.C)!!!! If you find all of this confusing submit whatever and see what happens, yay!!!